Baileys with a Hint of Coffee


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There is a new commercial out with a girl zoomed to her lips and she's singing along with a song that goes "gotta have coffee" and some other lyrics.
its a short commercial for the new baileys with a hint of coffee.
let me know, im dying to find it?!?!
I'm pretty sure it's just a jingle made specifically for the commercial. She doesn't say anything else except "Gotta Have Coffee."
really. nothing...still?
i don't think its just a jingle. he has a very frank sinatra type of voice.
The song "Coffee" used in the new Baileys ad is by West Coast Blues Artist, Job Striles. You can hear a minute of it at CDBABY or I tunes. It's on his album "Job Striles Sings and Plays". I havn't seen the ad yet either.
how sure are you about that.
i just listened to it and its really fast and blues like.
the one in the add is jazzy and sloooow.
yeah, I should have mentioned that in my post: that Bailey's made their own version of the song. I don't know if Bailey's did an entire version of the song or just took the "bit" for the commercial. Oh, and the first part, I have heard Job play the song many times.
I keep seeing that commerical all the time on all the stations I watch. Now I have that song stuck in my mind.

It IS a real short commerical and I was also wondering about the lyrics. She sings: "You gotta ... coffee. I ... coffee. You gotta have coffee."

What is the word in the first 2 lines? It almost sounds like "dig" .. like You gotta dig coffee.

Does anyone know? Thanks!
"gotta have coffee"
and yes, it's realllly stuck in my head as well.
this song better come out in that version.

I am the singer on the new Bailey's commercial (the guy that the girl sings along with...) What questions do you have?


Originally posted by loudmouthmuch@Oct 17 2008, 09:50 AM
I am the singer on the new Bailey's commercial (the guy that the girl sings along with...) What questions do you have?
Any information on the commercial song is always appreciated. ;)

Such as the names of the singer(s) (yours and the other vocalist), the ad agency, producers, companies, etc. involved.

But most people would probably want to know:

Did you record a full-length version and do you think it will be released?
Hey Moses,

The music house is in Santa Monica. They used a composer in Boston... I sang a :30 and a :60 version which i believe they will be playing shortly.

Do you think folks would want to hear a full-length version?
Why not? It's got a good hook, and everybody who drinks coffee can Identify with it. I'd like to hear the minute version, too.
absolutely people would like to hear the full length version.
it's a beautiful song even tho i have only heard a tid bit.
it's always playing in my head.
hope you do, and best of luck to you :)
Thanks everyone...

I emailed the music house and they were excited to let the ad agency know about forums like this one where folks are asking for it...
how exciting.
is there any place we can catch the 30 or 60 second one?
thanks :)