Bacardi Mojito "Eras"


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I can't describe much, there's some kind of club scene and some fantastic music. I only saw the commercial once, so I don't even know if anyone else knows it.

Rum Commercial?

Ok, so I am trying to find this song from a commericial, which I am pretty sure is for rum (rums of puerto rico possibly?). Anyways the ad is a guy walking through a party of sorts, all different rooms filled with a bunch of people, to get to the bar. I love the beat of the song that is playing but I can't find it anywhere. Any ideas? It may not be an ad for rum, but I am about 85% sure that it is...
Re: Rum Commercial?

Nope...its a young guy, walking through this club/party (I think he is wearing a brownish color suit or tan) and hes walking for awhile then gets to the bar and the bartender gives him a is driving me nuts cause I have seen it for awhile but ever since I have started looking for the song/commercial I haven't seen it on tv!
indiesh music in a commercial with people dancing in a ballroom

okay i don't have much info on this one but i like the song in this commercial with this guy who is walking in this hallway i believe all i can really remember about it is the climax where he opens these doors (i think they were glass doors) and its like a ballroom type setting almost. indie kinda club deal with a bunch of people dancing but not really modern dancing just like couples face to face ballroom or slow dancing and before he opens the doors its muffled and you can hear the beat and when he opens the doors you can hear all the parts of the song. Its a male singer and a somewhat upbeat sounding indie song. if you have anything that might be close to what I'm talking about please help. it has been airing recently and I haven't seen it before. i think it was for jeans, its all very foggy to me except the part about it going from the muffled beat and then revealing all parts of the song. please help i have been losing sleep trying to find this song or commercial. any guiding info what the commercial is selling, what the song is; ANYTHING is greatly appreciated.
Absolut Vodka

I was wondering if anybody knew the song thats in the background of the Absolut Vodka ad wherein a guy walks through several different rooms going back in time to the 1800's?

Re: Absolut Vodka

Is it the same commercial described in this Bacardi Mojito commercial? Are you sure it's for Absolut Vodka? Do you have a link to the ad?
Mojito commercial

Hi, while I was watching the x games an alcoholic beverage commercial came on. I didn't quite catch the brand unfortunately but I'm pretty sure it was advertising a mojito brand. It's starts with a piano riff while a guy is walking through a crowd of people at a party. Can anyone possibly help??
Re: Mojito commercial

I've been seeing it all night as well on TBS, I looked on youtube and some say the name is "The Muddle" but artist is unknown, would be great to find the artist. It's a catchy tune :)
Re: Mojito commercial

Ok, The Muddle isn't the one we are looking for, thats a different song Bacardi used. I'm going to keep looking.
Re: Mojito commercial

I got it, knew I heard it somewhere before! It's Matt & Kim "Daylight". I already have the song so no need for me to go look for it :)
Re: Mojito commercial

wow, thanks! I've been dying to here that song again.
When I first caught this commercial it was the music that I really liked.
Original yet seemed to fit flawlessly through the different generations.
Not an easy task.

But seeing it again...
I really enjoyed the way he walked through all the different eras and ages... All the people, from my parents Time to thier parents time and so on and so on... All the way back to the mid/late 1800's I guess?

I know their point was to show how long their company has been in business, and how long they've been serving up a good time with their Bacardi
- but it could stand on it's own as a statement of youth, and the love of life that every generation feels.
How every person has 'their' time to dance and to love... all of those things.

So now when i catch this commercial I watch the other people dancing and laughing...
- and how they all have that same look in their eye.
That THIS is THE generation. This is Our time.

Makes me smile to think people are pretty much the same. The dances and what we dance to may change - but not that absolute smugness of youth.
And that time does and will continue to fly by... and i wonder what my kids and their kids will dance to.... And what 'she' will be wearing when 'he' sees his future wife for the first time across the dance floor...
When Our Time because Their Time.

That's ALOT from a commercial, eh? - and certainly very rare.
- Jack