1. V


    Anyone know what the music is for the newer Bacardi ads? There's this one, called "The Bat": Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. I

    Bacardi Mojito "Eras"

    I can't describe much, there's some kind of club scene and some fantastic music. I only saw the commercial once, so I don't even know if anyone else knows it. Thanks!
  3. L

    Bacardi "Sleigh Ride" Mix

    Sleigh Ride is one of my all time favorite Christmas tunes. There is an incredible mix of it that's played during a new Bacardi commercial. Anyone know the name of it or at least who's singing it?
  4. M

    Bacardi and Diet Coke "Made 2 Mix"

    Does any1 know what the Dance tune is off the new Bacardi "made 2 mix" advert on Channel 4, Lyrics "Happy........... make u happy baby............" hope sum1 can help
  5. P

    Bacardi Peach Red

    I've searched all over this forum and found nothing, and even to Bacardi's site and searched search engines but can't find any source of the ad. I was watching the Discovery Channel last night and heard it, and haven't seen it since. I wonder if anybody else has seen it and know the music for it?
  6. K


    Anybody know the rock song that starts playing when the two guys in salmon costumes start running into the marathon runners? :ph34r:
  7. D

    Bacardi Mojito "Muddle"

    Has anyone seen the Bacardi Mojito commercial? Any guesses on the music playing?
  8. V


    I am looking for the song that is used for a Bacardi commercial. The one that shows the words "Drink Responsibly So You Can Live Like You Mean It." on a red background with some kind of a bat-looking black symbol. The song is hard-trance, I think. Thanx
  9. E


    This is kind of vague, but while I was on vacation in Italy this summer, we obviously got MTV italia not the normal one, but they kept playing this bacardi commercial that had really good music in it and you could kind of here a male voice singing at the end (that was in English). All I really...
  10. michelle

    Bacardi "A Fly's Life"

    A TV ad for Bacardi rum starts with a young fly and an old fly sitting on a park bench. The old fly warns the young one to live life to the fullest, and then he dies. So, young fly goes off and parties across town, until he falls off the ceiling at the end, dying. Song heard is "Born To Be...