Bacardi Mojito "Muddle"


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Has anyone seen the Bacardi Mojito commercial? Any guesses on the music playing?
Hi, This is my first time using this but i desperately want to find the Bacardi commercial. The COmmercial zooms in on the bartender crushing the mint in the glass and then zooms out to the crowd that are moving their hips simutaneously to the beat of the music...It was on E! channel if that helps... if anyone has an idea on the song you would make my day! Thank you!
It might help if you knew what kind of Bacardi it is so that you could search for the commercial on youtube or google. There are like 7 pages of Bacardi stuff on youtube....
well i am going to flip if i dont find this song so is what i did was email bacardi and i was like what is the name of that song and they were like " we are unable to release that information" so then i was like well you should so pretty much all i know is that the only lyrics in the song are "mojito" and then the actual commercial is called "the muddle" but thats all i could find out and that didnt get me anywhere so... please someone find this song
yes they are going to release a download of the commercial but they are not releasing the full version of the song which is what i think everyone wants so everyone keep looking
BIG time props to oxyrubber and Dtmako with the assist!!! I'm new at adtunes (and generally try to help comrades) but ppl like these keep adtunes rolling!!! keep it up...
The guys name is Dimitri from Paris but haven't found the song. I am assuming it was made for Bacardi because I can't find the muddle.
Hey guys....

Song is called Shut daft punk, cassius and dimitri from paris...

Hope this was helpful!!
About a month ago I saw a commercial that was filmed in a club. The bartender was shaking a mixed drink. When he stopped shaking the drink everyone in the club stopped dancing. He resumed shaking the drink and the dancing resumed. Has anyone seen the commercial I am speaking of? I am trying to determine whom the commercial might have been for, and/or what the name of the song that was playing was.
Hey, the commercial was for Bacardi rum. At the end of the commercial it says do a Bacardi Mojito. I'm looking for the song too, if I find it, I'll let you know.
Originally posted by Jamis12@Jun 20 2006, 05:46 PM
Hey guys....

Song is called Shut daft punk, cassius and dimitri from paris...

Hope this was helpful!!
This isn't it. I just listened to it.
Hello .

does anyone know the song they play for the Barcardi Mojito commercial ( sorry for the spelling lol ) iv been looking for it for awhile now but cant find it . its instrumental its all the women shaking their hips and thighs . i love that commercial . if anyone knows it id be thankful if you can tell me the song . thank you and happy holidays
I agree it's nice music, but more than likely it's something that was written especially for that commercial and nothing that's out there for anyone to actually buy or download.
yeah your probably right . i just wish i could get it . i like that kind of music . i listen to almost everything . i hope someone knows who it is and the name of it .
I just want to thank you proof for your help . i got it now . thank you so very much . hope your holiday is going good for you .

peace to all
does anyone happen to know the song from the commercial where the bartender is making a mojito and everyone is jumping and dancing and what not? i think its for bacardi. but im not sure.
Does anyone know where i can get the Bacardia Mojito Video . i really like the commercial and id love have it . if anyone can help id be thankful

Peace to all