Adtunes Greatest Hits

hahahahhahha~! *tears*

:lol: :D ^_^ that sheep clip deserved a :milkouttathenosesmiley:

i call this the bird smiley :whistle:
:lol: *snort*

Poor fella, I think he got kicked in the ass by some bad Q-Bert-Jay.

Is that stuff a local thing cuz I haven't heard of it 'til he mentioned it?

"crap-jay" tee hee hee
My guess? Crap. Maybe vomit. Either way, not worth the trip to the store.
Right? Me too.. but! I can pick up some cheese turds for everyone while I'm there. :)
I was looking back at old posts like from Dec.. and I was thinking wow Rhonda isn't even pregnant yet
Brilliant! Then you start thinking what state of mind I was in when I posted this, or what was going on around that time, or what was I wearing, etc