Adidas A3 Summer Olympics

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I haven't seen anyone ask yet, but the song in the new Finish Line commercial with the guy running in th park & jumping on the tables is The Kinks "Every Body's Gonna Be Happy" found on Kind Kinks and several other best of albums.
Anyone know who the artist is and the name of the song that's featured in this ad that ran over
the summer Olympics for the Adidas A3 cushion running shoe? It had a guy bouncing off picnic tables, flipping off of trees, jumping over people etc. The band sounded a lot like the Kinks, but I don't think it is. I've already searched the entire Kinks archive on iTunes.
Any help would be appreciated....
Trust your instincts, not Itunes. It is indeed the Kinks Everybody's Gonna Be Happy, the studio version of which is not on itunes. It is on the reissue of Kind Kinks.
Whay year is that re issue? has "Kinda Kinks" from 2001 but the song is not on the track listing.

Blast it I found it on Amazon but they dont have a sample to compare it to the comercial.