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crap...i cant remember what comoany it was by...mayeb addidas...but anyways it shows the guy running through a park, running through some peoples lunch, jumping on tables, running on top of a jungle gym...does anyone know the song played during it? one of the lines from it is "everybody's gonna be happy"
sorry...i didnt check the board very closely...someone already answered this...
anyone know the artist and song title for the new Finish Line fun run commercial featuring adidas shoes? A guy runs through a park, over a bench, does a flip off a tree etc. The lyrics are simple...everybody be happy happy like you and me, i know i know....

this was mentioned before and i believe the answer given was "everybody's gonna be happy" by the kinks
I'm looking for the name of the song in the commercial where the guy is running through the park and knocked down the old man on the bench. I can't quite remember what shoe brand it was but I think it was reebok.
And thank you too - now I can stop bugging adidas and finishline marketing!
Are you sure?? I pulled this sample from and it does not sound like the song from the commercial I've seen.

Does anyone have another sample that has some better similarity or a clip of the commercial I can compare it to? I mean it seriously there must be two versions because I've listed to the entire song elsewhere and it dosent have the same hook as the commercial tune.
I've had the Kinks remastered box set for 8 years. That's the song unless you're confuing it with another commercial. I also have the Queens Of The Stone Age version and it's definitely the Kinks version.
The version in the comercial has a slower feel to me and a different hook, I swear I feel like I'm in the twighlight zone! I cant catch the commercial on tape to compare them side by side, all I know is I listened to the version I found very closely (it was a streaming sample of the whole song) and could not recognize it as the song from this commercial, which I'm sure I'm not confusing it with anything else unless there's a second Adidas commercial with a guy flipping off tables and stepping on kids hands on monkey bars.
yeah that's the one I'm talking about too with him on the monkey bars. That kinks song isn't the one though :angry: