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Theres this new commerical out by finish line advertising some adidas running sneaker and has the guy running differnt locations and i think its a couple different guys and they take each clip and subsititue another person anyway the melody of the song i like its not mainstream music but its a nice tune... maybe someone knows this? it didnt have any words. Thanks
Is This the one you're talking about? If so, we unfortunately do not have it answered yet. Hope it helps.
na this was different it was clips off different guys i think running the same running route they just took the different clips of guys and added one after the other liek it shoes the guy running in the park and then when he reaches the street i think its a different guy, and then another guy bends down to tie his laces and they play this nice tune. I really wish i knew this song who knows maybe finish line marketing made it up just for the commercial
na i checked out that song... the song wasnt like a rock song or anything it was more instrumental and wasnt fast. Bit i saw the commercial again and the guy runs places and shows another run the same running route and i think at the end of the commercial he bends down to get his key from under the mat to open his door.
Was gonna ask about this commercial until I saw this. It's the one with a guy going out for a run, quick shots of him running past the camera. It shows him in rain, snow, various seasons. The car drives by as he runs or he looks at the car, etc.
The song played is soft, ambient/down tempo analog (casio keyboards, simple beats); it sounded like it's by I Am Robot and Proud or Solvent, or even Autamata. I think it's IARAP more than anything.
I'd love to know the name of the song.

Hey northstar. I actually registered with this board just to offer you some asistance. While I regret to admit that I have not discovered the title/artist of that great song, I have been able to find some info on the commercial. I wanted to find this song as well and I will update you on any developments in my search. Good luck.

Company: Finish Line (in conjunction w/ Adidas)
Product: Adidas MegaRide (w/ a3 technology)
Commercial Title: "365"
Release Date: 1/5/05

Commercial shows guy running through similar locations in different seasons.

Check this link:
Finish Line Breaks ´365´ Commercial Featuring adidas MegaRide Running Shoes

Hope this helps.
Hey thanks so much cowboy for getting me this info. Much appreciated. Id love to know what that song is. The other poster above said it sounded like from a keyboard which it did and sounded like some type of Ambient music, I know of that artist Autamata... kinda sounds something like that.
The new Adidas/Finishline ad for the A3 Megaride trainer uses the song "Winter at Night" from I am Robot and Proud's record Grace Days.

The record label - has news about it on the front page, and you can listen to the whole song at (just search by artist or song title).

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hi everyone- i own the label that released 'grace days'. i just wanted to say thanks to mollyunravel for taking the time to post about the song. it's amazing how quickly the ad made it onto tv, and this is the first time i've seen it discussed on a forum!

you can check out catmobile (the label) here and i am robot and proud here. if you'd like to pick up the CD that the song is from, or any other robot and proud releases, please consider buying direct from us via the blue house (you just need a paypal account).

thanks again for your interest, guys!