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I'm getting a ferret!!!! :D :lol: yaaaaaay, they're so cute and fuzzy and smart too!! I've been to this pet store around here many times to check out the ferrets and I decided to buy one!!! :) and I'm also getting a 2nd spider some time as well!
We've had 3 ferrets but down to 1 now. :( Just make sure that you have the time to give them plenty of attention. They stress easily and enough stress can cause them to lose their hair. But one of the ones we had was so tame he was like a cat. He would come when you called his name and lay in your lap and let you pet him. :)
:lol: We had two ferrits once, and they sure did stink! and they're really smart, like weasel smart.. <_<
You can actually train them like dogs :) that's awesome! so they're not like stupid animals lol. I just like them cause they're just different then any ordinary cat or dog.

oooh drizzt_fan14, it's been Taranagon for so long now! Terry for short.
Name for the ferret? .......... Fred!

Fred the Ferret
:D :D :D :D :D I GOT FRED!!!

I went to the petstore today just to check them out .... after a while my dad says: "..... wanna take him?" so I was like YAAAAYYYY Fred! you're coming home!

hes very very very cute ... sshhhhh he's asleep now :)

damn I g2g, byebye
I will!!! Well I wanna .... but my bro is gone for like a week and brought all the cameras, even the DIGICAM ! ! :( ah well .... I can make a pic with my webcam but then you'll get sh*tty quality
Well, whenever you get the chance. Does Fred look like my ferret? I mean as far as the colors?
Mine is more grey/white colored. It's not to black at all actually, really just white and grey. It's so sweet!! :) today my dad and I made this huge platform on the wall where the cage sits on right now and it looks very good! today I bought him a toy, this big rope thingie with these knobs n' stuff, meant for dogs, but Freddy loves it!! then just a while ago I gave him this ol' cardboard box with 2 holes in it .... he went wild!!! Just playin' around that lil box of his ... but hes asleep right now .... one bad thing about that: I prolly cant watch tv anymore! I COULD but he's like right above tv so I dunno if it'll be to loud ... :( but Im not gonna disturb him so then I guess I'll have to listen to the tv veeeery quietly ... which I can cause I have very sensetive hearing anyways!! :D

hey Rhonda .... I got my ferret right ... and I've taken him out of the cage sometimes ... but hes kinda wild ... is he curious or scared? I let him out once, in my entire room and hid under the bed... after standing still for a bit he'll pop out and start exploring the room and as soon as you take a step he'll run under the bed again ... of course I managed to grab him eventually .. but after I've put him back in the cage he almost goes crazy ..he desperatly tries to chew through the wired cage .. which he obviously cant and I have to make him stop do that .... right now he's alright .. he's calmer and plays a bit more with his own toys besides being bored. I know he needs to be able to run and I WANNA let him out in my room and possibly other rooms... but he'll be hiding from eveybody.... do you know what to do? (he's only about 4 months old if that helps!)
I never had a ferret, but that sounds like any pet I've ever had. He's a baby and he's in a new environment, give him a little time to get acclimated and he'll probably be just fine.
Yeah, he's probably curious and a bit scared. Melissa's right, he's a baby so it will take him a bit to get used to the new environment. But I encourage you to hold and pet him as much as possible so he gets used to your scent and that will also help him to feel more comfortable.

And FYI, you can save a bundle in treats by trying just plain old cheerios!! Our ferrets loved them. They're like crack for ferrets! :p And they're small animals so you only give them a couple every so often. Giving him treats will also help to tame him a bit, just don't give him so many that he gets fat. :p I would get the smallest box of cheerios that you can find though to start off with, just to make sure that he is going to like them. :)
Thanks!!!! I'll try and do that.

Yesterday he was not as wild as the other days. So I guess he's sorta getting used to the place. He's still very active and very hyper sometimes, but very playful with the dog's rope...

well I have to go, I'm at school doing this geography thingy. BYE BYE!

Thanks Rhonda!
What's very cute is when I come home from school and then his head pops up a little to see who it is, then it goes back to laying down cause he was about to sleep, but then I stick my arm into the cage and pet him a little as he's going back to sleep :) Well I just had to tell that, it's soooooo intersting. but I'm gonna go now, Im eating my bubblegum flavored sundae :)
Aww, that's cute.

Oh yeah, one more thing. There claws can get really sharp, so what we did was when they were young we made it a point like when we were playing with them or petting them to mess with their paws so that they got used to it and that way when we would clip their claws it didn't really bother them too much. We did the same with our cat. You just have to remember to only clip the very tips of them off so that you don't hurt them. ;) We also bought some ferret shampoo and bathed them frequently. That helps to take care of the smell.
Hey I've let Freddy out for a while now.. in my room. He's such an explorer!! He's just walking and sniffing and playing around with whatever he can find. He is a little bit scraed though, he gets closer and closer to me and walks on me SOMETIMES, but yeah... I just gotta do this lots. And why is he freaking out so much sometimes?? he'll be jumping and making noises and just flips out!! I know thy can jump and hop around if they wanna play but this is REALLY freakin' out, not telling me to play with him. and also .. how long does it take to get him used to his name? Calling out Freddy doesn't make him look up or come to me :( Tell me more Mrs. Everferret Rhonda :)
Some ferrets never learn their name but the more you say it the more likely he will get used to it. If you let him run around in the room you need to make sure that you proof it. Meaning that they can crawl into the tiniest of crevices. You'd be suprised! but like if you let him out in the rest of the house they can climb up under cabinets and stuff. They will typically pick a favorite corner of a room to do their business so you might put a litter box in that corner. Also, make sure his cage is big enough to where the litter box isn't near his food.

My husband also suggested that you pick a few shirts that you don't really want anymore and wear them without any cologne or strong deodorant so it will pick up your scent and hold him while wearing these and once he gets used to you, then put the shirts in the cage with him. He should eventually treat them like comfort blankets and will curl up in them and sleep. The best time to hold him is right after he wakes up. He'll be much calmer at that time. Like holding a baby, comfort them when they wake up.

The freaking out thing is normal, he's still a bit scared it will probaby take a while for him to get used to you. (It's actually pretty cute when they do it though, huh?) But even after he's tame he may do it at times. Ours did anyway. You might not really introduce him to taranagone until he's used to you and your room.

Ferrets sometimes will have a tendency to bite and when they do they sink in and don't let go. You can get this spray called Bitter Apple . This works incredibly well! You can put some on your fingertips if he's taken a tendancy to biting you. They HATE the taste of this so it works real well. You can also spray it on stuff that he chews on when you don't want him chewing on it. :)