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Hello AdTunes! My Name is LSDave, and I want to tell this site a little bit about myself:

-I'm a music enthusiast. I'm particularly fond of Electric Light Orchestra, The Beatles, Barenaked Ladies, The Dead Milkmen, The Ramones, Fountains of Wayne, Smashing Pumpkins, and a lot of cheesy '80s Power-Pop stuff, among MANY other things. Also, I play bass guitar in a band with some friends.

-I'm a fan of animation. I love Adventure Time, South Park, Archer, Gravity Falls, and Total Drama, but I generally enjoy most cartoon network/adult swim stuff.

-I'm actually not too big on video games, but I do like some stuff, mostly RPGs like Pokemon or Final Fantasy. Also, I'm a sucker for the Kirby games. I'm very brand-loyal to Nintendo, and I only own a Wii and a Game Boy Advance

-Politically, I am definitely liberal. Just sayin'

Anyway, I hope that this is a cool site, and that I can use it to contribute to other people's lives.
Thanks for the welcome! Hey, since you're a veteran member and all, d'ya think I could get some help spreading the word around town, or something? I'd really appreciate any help with my clout 6_6. Not really sure how one goes about that on this site, so....
Aaaaand a standard empty corporate gesture. Eh, I appreciate it anyway.
Well then I guess my glass is half full of emptiness.
Hey, also, are you the only AdTunes admin? I haven't seen any others, so I'm just assuming here.