40th Birthday Party Slideshow Song Suggestions


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I'm putting together a slideshow for a guy's 40th birthday party and I need song suggestions. The first part of the slideshow will be primarily old black and white photos of his childhood. I'm thinking of using something slow and sappy for this part like "When You Love Someone" by Bryan Adams. Then, the second half of the show will be more upbeat with recent photos of him with his wife and friends. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Songs from the top 40 billboard hits the week/year he was born, #1s from when he was a teenager, etc... You could match each decade of life with that decade of music.
Gotta have Rolling Stones "Mother's Little Helper". That, and I read somewhere that the #1 song of the year of your Golden Birthday (the birthday when you turn the age that your birth date is, like mine is November 17, so my Golden Birthday was my seventeenth) is supposed to be like your signature song. I have no clue what mine is however, and I probably won't know until I turn 27 because Billboard.com's free archives are only for like 10, 20, and 30 years ago or something.. but 40 years back should be available.