Song ID. Shot in the dark.


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This is going to be hard to describe, but I'll try as much as I can.

The song is completely instrumental - no vocals.

The beginning of the song has a very strong, intense tick-tock beat that is just that beat alone. That goes on for a while at the beginning before the rest of the song kicks in. The rest of the song is a very hard electronic sound with strong synthesizers.

I don't know if the CD was a mix or not, but there were a few songs following that one in particular that had vocals. The vocals were mostly synthesized, and the type of music was a kind of hip-hop. The sound of the synthesized vocals sounded a lot like the synthesizers in the instrumental track, so I'm guessing they are from the same artist.
It was late at night and unfortunately, I don't remember lyrics.

Any suggestions will help!

Thank you!!!
Listen to some DJ Shadow and see if that is similar to the style of the song your looking for.
Not as "intense". But thank you :)

It's essentially Breakbeat, I think. The sound. I'll try to find some songs to compare it to.