Looking for a movie duet song performed by girl and boy


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If I remember correctly this movie it was about some people learning or training to perfectly play some song together. Maybe it was a school or sth. There was this scene in which some actor started to sing and propably play guitar while performing slow romantic song (i guess). And there was a girl on the stage, a bit shy. She started to sing with him after a while and this was like an echo of his voice. Only parts of sentences. This was kind of lullaby to me few years back. I hope i remembered it correctly and you can help me with this. This movie was at least 4 years old.

There is a 50% chance that some girl moved to bigger city at beginning and she was robbed.
Can you describe anything else about the movie?

What did the actors look like? (Hair, race, etc). I assume you don't know either of the two acts, correct?

What time period or location does the movie appear to be set in? (Not sure if you saw the whole length of the movie) -- Was it 50s inspired? A musical? Urban? Jazz or Blues?

How old/new did the movie appear to be filmed? 70s, 2000s?

If you watched the whole movie, or more of it, what else happened?

It could be anything from High School Musical, to Walk the Line.

Wish I could help or do some digging, but I at least want to get more info out, so you can get more feedback from users!