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Anybody else seen the 2010 Range Rover Supercharged commercial? Can't remember if it was Range Rover or Range Rover Sport but they used a electronic type music on it thats been airing just recently I think.
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Is this the commercial you're referring to? For the Range Rover Sport 2010 TV advert?

I'm searching for the song also.
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Yeah that' it!!! I was starting to give up and totally forget about that commercial.

The Land Rover website didn't seem to have any info on it though.
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kinda sounds like secret machines could be way off base though
This is the most irritating "music" in an ad I have heard, and I hear it every single, freakin' morning while I'm getting ready for work -- in my room, trying to keep the TV sound rather low since others are sleeping in the home at that time of morning. This annoying, irritating music just BLARES in comparison to everything else, and not only that, but it will many times air back to back.

Unbelievable that a morning show would air something so intrusive. If I ever had any desire to purchase a Range Rover Sport, this has completely dampened that idea.<_<