range rover

  1. F

    2014 Range Rover Evoque "The Scent"

    Anyone know what song is in the Land Rover Evoque commercial entitled "the scent"? There were some answers online that sounded definitive, but after listening to the songs, they seemed incorrect. It's particularly the last 10 seconds of the ad that sounds unique. Any ideas?
  2. G

    2013 Ranger Rover Evoque

    Title please?
  3. CDub

    Range Rover "Power of Presence"

    Howdy, been looking all over for the origin of this song. Even ran it through various song fingerprinting programs and only got similar sounding songs. Hope someone might be able to help out. TIA!
  4. R

    Range Rover 2011

    Hello friends, If any one could tell me the name of the music? thanks in advanced
  5. R

    Range Rover Sport spec

    Hi, could any one please tell what is the name of the song/music in this video.
  6. S

    2011 Range Rover Sport

    Does anybody know the song in this video?
  7. X

    2011 Range Rover Sport

    there's a BRAND new range rover commercial with a sweet techno/ almost dupstep like song. i can't even find the commercial online yet, but if anyone knows what i'm talking about pleaseeeee lemme know! :]
  8. L

    2010 Range Rover Sport

    Anybody else seen the 2010 Range Rover Supercharged commercial? Can't remember if it was Range Rover or Range Rover Sport but they used a electronic type music on it thats been airing just recently I think.
  9. B

    Range Rover "hitch hikers" opera

    Ahoy hoy, Does anyone know the music/opera playing the Range Rover "hitch hikers" ad? Here's a link to it: Hitch Hikers ad TIA, Woody