2003 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


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Hi all,

Will someone please let me know what is the name and artist of the song that introduced the beginning of the show for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show aired on CBS TV on November 19th? It has only music , no lyrics and towards the end of the piece it has a solo pianist playing.

I didn't watch the show, but I know that Sting was the featured artist... Maybe it was some of his music? I'm just guessing, though.
;thanks for the reply, I don't think this instrumental music is Sting or Overseer. It was another song. It's only music, kinda like an intro to the show and it ends with a slow playing solo piano.
It a song that is on the first Matrix movie soundtrack....if you are talking about the one where it is just music...I think it is number 6 on the soundtrack but I can't remember the name!
thanks, I listened to all the tracks in the original Matrix and its not there either.
The music piece kinda sounds like its building up and then slows down with a musical piano piece.
There is a video of the fashion show on the Victoria's Secret website. Whether or not it's clips, I'm not sure... (I would be really surprised if it was the whole show.) I can't view it on my Mac to tell though. Anyway, here's a link: Fashion Show (If that doesn't work, just go the VS site and look for "Fashion Show" in the bottom-right.)
Yeah that is on the Matrix soundtrack...hang on I'll found out who does it.
The name of the song is Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Mix) by Rob D....it's the song that is at the beginning...you just have to listen to a few seconds of music before it gets into it! It should be #4 on the Original Matrix Soundtrack.
thanks a bunch... !! you guys are awesome.. !!!!! That's the song piece...!!!
Do you know what the name of the rap song was that was playing when all 26 models did the run way together?? I really like it...it's also when the dancers are up on the stairs...thanks!
And then the instrumental song that was playing at the beginning of the FINALE when they were all walking out behind each other...not modeling but just walking....
What is the name of the song during the first part...where in the song it goes " I like the innocent type." Who sings that?
I'm also looking for the songs that were in the show. I'd like to know the rap (remix?) as well...
or any of the other dj'd songs..
Thanks in advance for your help.
Hey there gypsy:

I forgot what the son'g name is, but its on the first Matrix soundtrack and the piano solo rocks! the song is about 10 minutes long! happy listening!
Hi all:

Ok...i guess i was a little late on gypsy's question...but on the same note, yeah does anyone know where i can find the whole soundtrack to the victoria's secret fashion show?

Hi all:

ok...i don't want to know every song from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but I do want to know the song that has shaggy rapping in da background and there is a latin beat to it...it is very sexy :)

If anyone can find or make a list of the songs used for the production numbers during the VS fashion show it would be very much appreciated.
Hey, sorry i can't help anyone out with their questions. But does anyone here know the name of the song played when Karolina is the first one on the runway. Its played right after mary j blidges performance with eve. Its like a soft beat with a weird guitar sound. I'd appreciate if someone knew. Thanks in adv.
hey i just became a member, i hope this helps some of you out there, correct me if i'm wrong, these songs were just stuck in my head:

Clubbed to Death [Kurayamino Mix] by Rob D.

Segment 1 (the futuristic one with the plastic wings):
Batman Theme by Danny Elfman (I think)
AA XXX by Peaches (explicit lyrics be warned!)

Segment 2 (the one with the $11 million bra and the dancers on the runway):
Hey Sexy Lady by Shaggy
Fever by Peggy Lee (I think)

Segment 3 (the one with the new model)
Crazy in Love by Beyonce (a variation on the original, its instrumenal and the trumpets sound different)
this one i still can't figure out, its some jazzy tune by a woman
Rock Star (remix) by N.E.R.D.
Slow (remix) by Kylie Minogue

Segment 4 (the one with the giant billboards in the background)
some weird 70's sounding music that sounds like it came from a wedding, VS probably made it themselves
Slayed by Overseer
Gimme the Light by Sean Paul

Segment 5 (Finale with the giant S in the back)
the opening rap song i couldn't catch the lyrics so i couldn't look up the lyrics
same thing with the next song, its something like "good luck in your new band" or something
Bring Me To Life by Evanesence

sorry that i couldn't figure out the rest of the song, hope this helps!
by the way, this is how i look up songs that i don't know, if there's lyrics to the song, i try to catch a particular phrase like "we'll bring the house down" and then type it in quotes and type "lyrics" after it in a search engine