cartoon network

  1. CreeOnASkateboard

    Adventure Time

    Hi! Been trying to find the music used in these old Adventure Time weekly promos on Cartoon Network. This is just one of the times it's used, but the playlist it's linked in has many more examples. Additionally, a clean version can be heard in this Close Enough promo, which is also made by...
  2. J

    Cartoon Network Friday Nights Promo

    Anyone know what song starts as the :26 sec mark?
  3. S

    Star Wars The Clone Wars

    Need the choir song (2:18-end)
  4. D

    Cartoon Network Wednesday night

    What is the song on the Wednesday night commercial for cartoon network that advertises hole in the wall, dude, what could happen, and destroy build destroy. I know its on demand on some of the adventure time episodes. The song is sick though and I need it! It's like electronic and sound almost...
  5. 2

    Cartoon Network Groovies

    its a song i need to know its name, it was a rock kinda song, with electric guitar (duh?) and very chromatic. it would normally appear on commercial of classic cartoons (mostly hanna-barbera) I can play it in my guitar but idk if i can upload an audio file to a post. edit: it was aired on 90s...
  6. SuperAssPie

    Capri Sun Terracycle

    Really need to find out the name of this song, I've heard it so much but no one can seem to figure it out.
  7. I

    Cartoon Network bump

    does anyone know who the artist and song is on this bump? I made a short video on youtube. The bump is only 5 seconds long so it doesn't give ya much. View:
  8. C

    Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!

    Looking for the song in the background of this promo for TIM AND ERIC AWESOME SHOW, GREAT JOB SEASON 3 DVD and this promo for Snowboard Diaries on FUEL same song. Someone on YouTube said it's actually a...
  9. H

    Adult Swim bump

    after tonights episode of Family Guy, 10 pm central - 10 30 central there was an Adult Swim bump on how seth mcfarlene signed a girls boobs. the music playing in the backround was very mellow and hip. i have heard it before on Rob and Big . Does anyone know the title?
  10. R

    Adult Swim

    I saw a few adult swim commercials the other day. I only remember one of them, but they were all fairly sarcastic and funny. The one I saw had a ticker counting up to 10 trillion or some huge number. Soon as it got there, you can hear a loud "YAAAAY!" and then it said something like, we hit a...
  11. M

    Adult Swim bump

    whats the song for the Adult Swim bump that is about a cake made to look just like the Family Guy house with mote and black knight included?
  12. B

    The Secret Saturdays

    Does anyone know if Cartoon Network will be releasing anything with the theme song to "The Secret Saturdays" on it? It's a great piece of music.
  13. S

    Cartoon Network "Rescuing Recess" Dwyane Wade

    Does anyone know the song in this video? View:
  14. Lt.Dan

    Mooninites Terrorize Boston

    Any one know the name of this song playing throughout this video? Youtube video of Boston scare thanks,
  15. D

    Saul of the Mole Men

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew what the name of the song was from the recent Saul of the Mole Men ad on Adult Swim. It's pretty recognizable, and I know I've heard it many times before. It sounds like it's from a war or action movie. All orchestra. If anyone knows, that'd be great. Thanks.
  16. Redonkulous

    Cartoon Network Squirrel Boy

    View: On cartoon network there has been ads for a new show called squiril (huh?) boy and the ad for it has popular background music. the ad has kids talking to threir pets says that they want something different...please help ;)
  17. F

    Boomerang Cartoon Network

    So.. anyone seent he new boomerang show? the opening song. where they show all the old cartoon chars redone floating about walkin around and the song is kinda dream trance. with a bit of a whistle thump i supose no words but if you have seen it.. you know its greatness
  18. E

    The Venture Bros.

    ok, i will be as specific as possible. when the venture bros. first came to [as] they started running bumps and promos for the show. the one i need the song for is a bump that speeds through clips of the show while flashing the words like fear, hate, love, on the screen. the same piece of...
  19. P

    Adult Swim Harvey Birdman

    There's a certain song that's been used for the commercial bumpers on adult swim, as well as during a scene in the episode "Shaggy Busted" on Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law where a real-life Harvey dances with a human sized can of Tab soda on a beach. It basically consists of this cheezy...
  20. S

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force

    I've searched Adult Swim's forum without any luck, so I'm wondering if you guys know! In the ad for Aqua Teen Hunger Force where a person in a Master Shake suit walks around there's some cool music playing. I know this isn't very descriptive, and I'll try to find a link to the ad. If you know...