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I've searched Adult Swim's forum without any luck, so I'm wondering if you guys know! In the ad for Aqua Teen Hunger Force where a person in a Master Shake suit walks around there's some cool music playing. I know this isn't very descriptive, and I'll try to find a link to the ad. If you know anything about this, please help!
Did you search our Forums? There have been several threads on Adult Swim -- you might find what you're looking for in the archives. Remember to change the date from 90 days to "any date" in the search engine.
Appears before the episdoe even starts. Music is playing while the Adult Swim, "So we were in St. Louis recently. Had an excellent time. Listened to some great blues..."

The music is an acousitcal piece. Begins with a mandolin, met by an acoustic guitar, bass eventually enters, music ends with a steel guitar slowly appearing...

I've done a search here and also at the Adult Swim boards...haven't found anything yet. Anybody know who are what this piece of music is called?
Anybody know what this song is? It's classical music. It's the one that starts with "Once in a great while, a show comes along...." It's pretty lively music...
There was a commercial that aired a few months ago advertising the new season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Their campaign was something like "ATHF will die!" or something like that. Anyways...

They would have Shake riding in a car, and then he would blow up. Then Frylock. Then Meatwad.

The tune was upbeat, with an old style. It had a high tuned horn playing the main ditty. It almost sounded like "Spanish Flea".

Any help?
Have you tried the Official Adult Swim Forums? (Registration Required.) They keep a message thread in the "Williams Street Culture" forum about their commercial music.
Originally posted by Space Cataz@Apr 2 2005, 07:54 PM
Is it Mambo Gallego by Tito Puente (or the mix by D - Core).
Thanks, but that was the song that they used to play during the commercials with the old people swimming (I had been looking for that for a time too :D ). The song I'm looking for is much more recent (probably around Christmas 2004 ish). It sounds an awful lot like "Spanish Flea" (it might even be it, i'm not sure).