adult swim

  1. S

    Adult Swim "Offended by Fingers"

    There is a commercial that has been playing during the family guy episodes around 10:30 p.m. central time. The commercial has a jammin song that I cannot get out of my head or find on the internet. "We aren't offended by inequality, illiteracy, or starvation. We're offended by fingers."...
  2. A

    Adult Swim Baggage Room

    It's an interstitial commercial that flashes for a few seconds. Scene is of swank green doors labeled 'Baggage Room'. Music is something industrial hip hop and some kind of trancy riff. Ideas?
  3. P

    Adult Swim bump sounds like video game theme

    Hello, this might be a little vague but... there was a bump on Adult Swim that ran probably early this year/late last year and had music that sounded a lot like an old school Nintendo video game theme. Does anyone out there know the name of that? I don't even think there were any real...
  4. T

    Adult Swim Bump

    HELP! I have been trying to find this song, and it's impossible. If you know the the name of it and/ or the band's name, TELL ME! Thanks! Click here to go to the video with the song (it's on youtube)
  5. C

    Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!

    Looking for the song in the background of this promo for TIM AND ERIC AWESOME SHOW, GREAT JOB SEASON 3 DVD and this promo for Snowboard Diaries on FUEL same song. Someone on YouTube said it's actually a...
  6. S

    Adult Swim Clair De Lune

    AS had a bump where the music was piano, but with a beat. The piece was clair de lune, but it had a beat at the same time. Anyone else know what I'm talking about? Looked at, couldn't find it there.
  7. H

    Adult Swim bump

    after tonights episode of Family Guy, 10 pm central - 10 30 central there was an Adult Swim bump on how seth mcfarlene signed a girls boobs. the music playing in the backround was very mellow and hip. i have heard it before on Rob and Big . Does anyone know the title?
  8. R

    Adult Swim

    I saw a few adult swim commercials the other day. I only remember one of them, but they were all fairly sarcastic and funny. The one I saw had a ticker counting up to 10 trillion or some huge number. Soon as it got there, you can hear a loud "YAAAAY!" and then it said something like, we hit a...
  9. M

    Adult Swim bump

    whats the song for the Adult Swim bump that is about a cake made to look just like the Family Guy house with mote and black knight included?
  10. C

    Adult Swim house bump

    So I know the name of the song, but I'm not having any luck finding it. So I was hoping someone could tell me the name artist. Here's a link: Hope this helps, and thanks in advance!!!
  11. Lt.Dan

    Mooninites Terrorize Boston

    Any one know the name of this song playing throughout this video? Youtube video of Boston scare thanks,
  12. L

    Adult Swim Bollywood song

    a while back there was a hindi/bollywood song used during a bump between shows on adult swim. It wasn't a dancing meatwad bump, but a info slide bump. Late sunday nights, before ATHF or Home movies (can't remember). It starts slow then gets very melodic and joyful. They used another Hindi peice...
  13. U

    Adult Swim bump

    Basically, it was an advertisement for one of the Adult swim rap CD's and one of the lyrics was "But one day, we goin' to make it to Mexico" Can anyone help me?
  14. K

    Adult Swim

    It is a short commercial on Adult Swim for Cartoon Network, maybe 15 seconds long, shows a still picture of a "futuristic" train, a guitar is playing in background. Usually airs before Bleach at 12:30 AM. I have heard this song before but cant figure out where or when.
  15. U

    Adult Swim Ghost Face Killer Bump

    I can't find this song and I don't really remember the lyrics but it's something like this, paraphrased, of course. "I took my mask off and *something* for a week" Sorry for the crappy lyric I forgot it lol, but I really want the song
  16. U

    Adult Swim bump

    There is a song that sounds like an old 50's song, it's pretty sweet, I can't really describe it though, but I'm pretty sure they played it in an astro boy bump.
  17. U

    Adult Swim

    There was this bump, not sure what it was exactly, but it had the "Time and Eric Awesome Show" logo with a circle and cross symbol through it, and what looked like a list. -- It was playing this awesome techno music, please help!
  18. G

    Adult Swim

    Hi everyone, I know i asked this..and i got an answer to it last time, but it's not the song i was looking for. It's a "what's on next" commercial for adult swim. it's usually featured after family guy sunday nights and about moral oral. last time i got a tito puente song from someone, and it...
  19. W

    Adult Swim

    Anyone know the music from this adult swim bleach promo? help please! i really want to know what this song is, and it's driving me crazy! thanks much
  20. U

    Adult swim bump music

    What is the name of the song at the end of the 'Sealab 2021' episode where the mom goes to the kid "Both hands on the keyboard!"? I really really want it, and have for a while, it's techno and they have used it in many bumps..