adult swim

  1. D

    Adult Swim Labor Day

    I'm new to this forum and finally decided to post. If anybody watched Family Guy last night (Labor Day) in both episodes there is a little musical short about 20 minutes into the episode that flashes "Happy Labor Day" and shows an overcast day and a what looks like smokestacks and a factory...
  2. S

    Adult Swim It takes all the fun out of trying to remember what commercial I'm talking about, of course, but does anyone know the name of the song playing in this video?
  3. jca

    Adult Swim's Mambo

    A popular part of the Cartoon Network is the channel's nightly programming block, known as Adult Swim. Part of this is due to the Adult Swim "bumps" (short for "bumpers", which are short network breaks between programming and commercials). The ad breaks have become so popular that there are web...
  4. E

    Adult Swim "What We're Listening To"

    Adult Swim "What We're Listening To" There was this little clip last night on adult swim of various songs under a heading "what we're listening to." It was on one of those breaks during the preview with the blank screen and white font, where they sometimes answer questions that fans post...
  5. E

    The Venture Bros.

    ok, i will be as specific as possible. when the venture bros. first came to [as] they started running bumps and promos for the show. the one i need the song for is a bump that speeds through clips of the show while flashing the words like fear, hate, love, on the screen. the same piece of...
  6. P

    Adult Swim Harvey Birdman

    There's a certain song that's been used for the commercial bumpers on adult swim, as well as during a scene in the episode "Shaggy Busted" on Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law where a real-life Harvey dances with a human sized can of Tab soda on a beach. It basically consists of this cheezy...
  7. S

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force

    I've searched Adult Swim's forum without any luck, so I'm wondering if you guys know! In the ad for Aqua Teen Hunger Force where a person in a Master Shake suit walks around there's some cool music playing. I know this isn't very descriptive, and I'll try to find a link to the ad. If you know...
  8. A

    Aqua Teen Hunger Force

    Need a little help folks. Yes I watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The first step is admitting it... I cant remember what classical piece is played on the MC Pee Pants Episode. I am looking for the classical song that Frylock puts in to take Meatwad's "I want candy" cd out of the cd player...
  9. R


    They don't have this listed on their end tags, and they havn't responded to my email either. So I come to you guys. It's basically a breakbeat while a voice talent narrates what Inuyasha is about. I think it's aired every night/every other night on Adult Swim.
  10. brandx

    Adult Swim bump theme Mambo Gallego

    k, so i saw this comedy central promo last night. it's for their late nite line up being moved to an earlier time (conan, the daily show, and tough crowd). it's a really jazzy trumpet thing with a good beat. this is probably going to be a short lived commercial so hopefully someone out there...