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k, so i saw this comedy central promo last night. it's for their late nite line up being moved to an earlier time (conan, the daily show, and tough crowd). it's a really jazzy trumpet thing with a good beat.
this is probably going to be a short lived commercial so hopefully someone out there has seen it and knows what i'm talking about.
please help, it's driving me crazy.

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Did you figure out what song this was? I've been searching and it's driving me insane!
I finally saw this commercial, and I believe it is a remix of "Mambo Gallego," by Tito Puente. They used the same remix for the old Adult Swim theme music, which is how I came across it. The exact mix has never been released, but the original is quite good and available on Kazaa.

I've only seen the commercial once, but I'm pretty sure that's what it was.

Does anybody know where i can find the remix of "mambo gallego" by Tito Puente that is used for adult swim commercials
yeah, i did do a search, and i found 4 posts all saying the same thing "search the forums because its been posted numerous times before" well i dont see it anywhere on here. so if anyone could help me out. its the theme of the old adult swim commercials, where it showed the old fat people jumping into the pool and stuff, not the stuff now where all they do is show white font on a black background. i think it was also on a commercial for dawson's creek a while back, and also its on a current commercial for the orlando culinary academy. if anyone can help me out, that would be awesome, thx.
Adult Swim has a very active official Adult Swim message board (Registration Required), and they maintain a message forum thread about all the music used in the Adult Swim "bumpers" and commercials. You'll probably be able to find your answer there.
There are new commercials for Adult Swim during AS that have a bunch of people swimming at a pool. Right at the end there's a brief 'song' played by trumpets i'm guessing. Its two long notes followed by six shorter notes. Then the whole thing repeats itself.

It was also used in a commercial on comedy central when it had Conan, Jon Stewart and Tough Crowd back to back. For some reason I really like those eight notes. Anyone know if its from a song or what?
By the way, its not the same song (Simon Says) as was previously answered in an Adult Swim question.
Don't know the song but it was also in a ad. It's actually not new. Those bumps are from when AS first started. Maybe somone else found out what it was back then.
f-in sweet. i've been trying to find the version of that song before....

its such a sweet remix of "mambo gallegho" you have to admit.......
Mambo Gallego is a great song by itself... Tito Puente Rocks!
Adult Swim theme

Okay, this has been posted before but I couldn't find it in the archives. I wondered if anyone remembers the original Adult Swim theme. It was a big band/ salsa electronic instrumental song. It's also been in other commercials as well but I cant remember at the moment. Any help would be great. Thanks.
Thanks and again more proof that you are employed by Williams Street. ;)
Howdy all.
wondering if anyone knew the song they use for the Adult Swim Commercials/promos?

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