Adult Swim bump sounds like video game theme


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Hello, this might be a little vague but...

there was a bump on Adult Swim that ran probably early this year/late last year and had music that sounded a lot like an old school Nintendo video game theme. Does anyone out there know the name of that? I don't even think there were any real visuals, just black screen and white text.

I like it a lot but can't find it--reminds me a lot of "Wake Up and Smell the Millenium"- Nobody, though I don't think it's the same song.

Re: Adult Swim bump: sounds like video game theme

I know MF Doom and Dangermouse ( of Gnarls Barkley fame) did a cooperative album entitled " Danger Doom - The mouse and the Mask", possibly in coordination with Adult Swim about a year back. Lots of sound bytes of Brak and the Aqua Teens all over the album. It's actually a great album if you're a fan of Hip Hop
I don't know if you ever found the song you were looking for, but I came across your post while I was looking for a song (sounds similar to what you described) . Maybe we are talking about the same one.:D
the name of the song is first friday funk