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What's the song that the WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT USES (WWE) when they do special highlights. I know many of you probably don't watch the WWE but this song done by an orchestra was used in these occasions.

Wrestlemania 10 TEN MATCHES, they used it on the HIGHLIGHTS of Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart.

It was background music for the recent WWE HALL OF FAME Highlights.
Have you tried O'Fortuna?

I know WWE uses this a lot.
So, have two questions about Rey misterios WWE music. Once about Rey Mysterio, when he's entering the arena and the other about his "spot/commercial" showing him talking about "my family, ... to find the strength within", etc.
Is ist the same song? I searched for some WWE music but there is something different, i suppose. Nice, if someone could help, thanks;)
The WWE Promotional Theme Song was used in the wedding package of Edge & Lita's Wedding/Kane's Interruption, and was also included in the Judgment Day 2005 John Cena/JBL package. Though I am not sure when the song starts in the Edge & Lita Wedding/Kane package I do know that it is played right after JBL says "John, you aren't a bad man, you're a bad champion". I would greatly appreciate the link to where the song might be found.
Ah, a lot of those promos WWE plays are from professional companies that produce music not to be released to the general public, just about every single video package song (with few exceptions, like Manson's Crucifixion in Space HHH/HBK Hell in the Cell buildup) is from these companies. Sorry : (
Does anyone know who plays the entrance music for Randy Orton?
WWE Orchestrated Promo music

Hey guys, theres this orchestrated piece that WWE uses frequently in their promos for matches at coming pay per views and what not, theyve been using it for years. If you have the Legends of Wrestlemania video game you'll recognize it easily because they play it for just about every one of the Relive, Rewrite and Redefine videos.

Heres a sample of it, it starts at the 2:13 point in this video. Someone said this was also featured in the final battle in the final episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Thanks in advance!
WWE Hell in a Cell

Hey everbody, theres this orchestrated music ive heard for years in many different shows and such, but i have never been able to find out the title of it or anything. Ive noticed that its been used in segments that parody 2001: A Space Odyssee, as well as really cheesy dramatic scenes in some shows.

I have a video here, its from a WWE pay per view, its a promo for the match of Undertaker vs CM Punk in Hell in a Cell. The music in the video starts at 1:47, but the main part youll probably recognize starts at the 2:27 mark.

Ive heard this music in other shows like X-Play and The Simpsons too, and i think maybe some movies when i was much younger.

Any of you might know the name of this piece? Thanks in advance!
Re: WWE Hell in a Cell

Does nobody really know the title of the music? Don't be put off by the whole WWE name if thats whats keeping you from checking it out, its the only video i could find with the music, thats all.
Song commonly seen on WWE Shows

I am seeking the information for a song that the WWE uses a lot. It is used commonly in grayed videos (they are like flashback videos) showing conflicts, such as the one between Batista and Rey Mysterio.
It is not any of the above mentions either, just so everyone knows, although it has been used in like pay per view match previews (the grayed videos that I mentioned) leading up to big conflicts.
music in 2002 WWF NWO promo video

Hey folks, ive been looking for the title of this piece forever. I've heard it played in the WWF/E a few times, like in this video here regarding the NWO returning. Do any of you recognize the piece? I'm guessing its one of those pieces they found in a music library or something but any help would be great.

The music starts at about the 5 minute mark and lasts til 5:41 in the video