1. 5

    WWE "Don't Try This At Home"

    Does anyone know the name of this song or who does it? Isn't among WWE Production Themes on youtube
  2. TPS1

    WWE 2K17

    Anyone know any of the music in this trailer?
  3. C

    WWE WrestleMania 33

    Does anybody know the first song played? Can't find it, hope it's not custom
  4. A

    WWE Survivor Series

    http://youtu.be/9zD9c1zpAC4 MUSIC STARTS AT 11 SECONDS I've been desperately looking for the music in the background for a few months now. It sounds quite epic, orchestral but it isn't tagged by Shazam or any music finding software, I am hoping someone out there knows what it is as it's driving...
  5. C

    WWE Vengeance

    Does anybody know the name of the song starting at :25......been looking for years. I believe its a song from West One Music because I have found numerous songs that were used in the wrestling promos for WWE
  6. N

    WWE Top 50 Greatest Superstars of All Time

    Does anyone know the name of this song that plays during the Shawn Michaels tribute?
  7. W

    The Reunion

    I was wondering if anybody recognized the song from the TV commercial for The Reunion? It is a WWE Studios movie starring John Cena and the song I'm referring to sounds like a hard rock tune with male vocals - I'm currently looking for it on YouTube but if anybody knows the name of that song...
  8. Z

    WWE Hall of Fame 2009

    MY Next Request is from WWE "Hall of Fame 2009" I would like to know the music that is played throughout the Hall of Fame segment. Its promotional music as they introduce the 2009 inductees. Regards
  9. J

    WWE WrestleMania 25

    Hey does anyone know the song that they used while showing the recap of Wrestlemania 25 on Raw The first song The one that starts off slow
  10. P

    WWE WrestleMania

    Does anybody know what song is played during the promo?
  11. L

    WWE Smackdown

    Hello to all members :lol: I watched a promo of WWE SmackDown! for the Survivor Series PPV It can be watched in YouTube here: The music that I's seeking for starts from the 47 second approx I searched the web with no luck Any help will be appreciated Thanks
  12. K

    WWE WrestleMania 23

    it was seen on raw on monday jaunary 22 07.. anyways the song had a part where the singer talked and he said somthing like.. "your ganna bleed from your ears and eyes" it sounded cool anybody know it?
  13. J

    WWE Raw

    Episode: WWE RAW 4/10 "Divine Intervention" Song Plays: Towards The End Of Chavo Guerrero "Quits" Promo Thanks In Advance
  14. M


    What's the song that the WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT USES (WWE) when they do special highlights. I know many of you probably don't watch the WWE but this song done by an orchestra was used in these occasions. Wrestlemania 10 TEN MATCHES, they used it on the HIGHLIGHTS of Shawn Michaels vs...
  15. Guardianlion

    WWE Smackdown

    Was fliping through the channels and i come upon wrestling on UPN. I saw the tag team the Dudley Boys and the Entrance song caught my ear. It was like heavy metal it sound like a Rob Zombie song . Can't find anything that would help on their official website. Any help would be great. thanks...