Probable Impossible Challenge


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Ok this maybe an impossible challenge because I have heard it used three times. I have been searching for 10 years now for this track and have not yet found it. And I know it's been used more but dont know anymore besides these three occasions ..

#1 The first time I heard it was on WCW Television, they used it for a video package to promote Ron Simmons title push. They played it all month long up to build up Ron Simmons taking on Lex Luger at their September PPV.

#2 Tops Supermarkets play it occasionally with their football specials. The last time I saw it was three years ago, it started in the early 90s but has been showed every couple years.

#3 America's Funniest Videos has also used it twice now for football packages.

I would try to type it out in words but I wouldnt be able to do it justice ... think of a more upbeat 80's version of the Rocky theme and something that would fit perfect with a training montage ... is there anyone by any weird chance that knows this song?
There are a few remix's that I know of.

1. Camron - Eye Of The Tiger (Instrumental) (Remix)
2. NFL Mix - Our Philadelphia Eagles (Eye Of The Tiger Remix)
3. DJ Defcon W/ Eminem & Shaggy - Eye Of The Tiger (Remix)
Its not a remix its an instrumental, its sort of like Bill Conti's Rocky theme but it is faster paced.

This isn't going to help but Ill try to put it into words

du du den den den den den du du du
Plus I would say this instrumental would have to be at least from before 1989 ... possibly earlier 90s but I am going to say late 80s.