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This song played during the premiere episode of Wonderfalls when she sets her sister up with the EPS guy in the restaurant/bar. I can't understand the lyrics, but the chorus or pre-chorus seems to be the same words repeated a few times, and there may have been the words "little head" during one verse.

Please oh please help me!

I'm not sure what was playing at that particular time in the show but at the end of the show two bands were listed as being featured. D4 and Frou Frou. D4 has male vocals. Frou Frou has female vocals and their song was "Hear Me Out", at least that's what I read on the show's forum.
I just found this that somebody wrote on the show's forum, it sounds like what you are looking for: "Super Furry Animals were playing while Jaye was talking to the bartender and her sister was on the date. It's a song called, "Venus and Serena" from their latest album, "Phantom Power"."
It's not Frou Frou. And it's not "Venus and Serena," although I'm still glad I heard that song, it's quite good. I thought for sure that would be it, but, unless I'm mistaken, it's not. I think I remember the song changing a second after she started talking to the bartender, so the one I'm looking for is the one right before that.

And I'm pretty sure it's not D4, it was fairly mellow and happy, but I'm still looking.

Thank you so much for helping.
Hmm. Sorry I couldn't help. I saw the show but I can't remember anything about the music during that part.
I think it may have been "Silent to the Dark" by Electric Soft Parade. I think the song played while in the bar on the radio in the backround. The lyrics would also fit the scenario. "When I needed someone to talk, to you were the only one around etc.". Anyway hopefully this helps. If not watch the re-run on Thursday and give me some specific lyrics I can probably find out what it was.
Okay, this is gonna sound weird, but even though I haven't heard the song outside of the episode, I know this is it. It's "White Russian Galaxy" by The Crimea. The lyrics, the rhythym of the lyrics and the words...I just know this is it.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to hear it yet.

EDIT: Okay, now I've heard it, that's it. YIPEE!
i need to find out the song that played in the begining of the episode [and no, not the theme song]. it isn't one of the featured songs, either. so if any1 taped it and can tell me, i'm dying to know!!! thanx
any descriptions on the music? lyrics? male/female vocals? tempo, genre... etc.. Even if we haven't seen the show, we might still be able to recognize it/find it.
I posted up on the Wonderfalls board and I got some lyrics of it from someone who taped the show, but I didn't come up with anything when I searched. These were the lyrics though:

'Under your spell, just another day...
Excitement, I won't fight a word you say...'

I'm not sure how accurate the lyrics are, but it's worth a shot. It was a female that was singing it. I can't really remember much about it [I know, "that helps!"]
Did anyone ever figure this out? It was just featured on General Hospital on Feb 2, 2006.
Nevermind, just figured out that it is "Under Your Spell" by Ana Victoria. :)
What is the music heard in episode 105 of Wonderfalls when Jaye and Aaron enter the US and the cops stop them? I think the music starts just after the commercials.

Oh, and here's a visual referance if you don't know what part I'm talking about. It's the scene at the top of the page.