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I have this song stuck in my head. The only problem is that it was a commercial song, but the version that I have stuck in my head was a different version of the same song. I never liked the version that was in the commercial so I never really payed attention to it. I only barely remember the commercial. It was for some type of drink or food. If it was a food it was probably some type of candy. Most likely a drink though. I thought it was a sobe life water commercial with the dancing lizards and whatnot but it turned out not to be. During the song, a male voice talks towards the end. I think he only said a few words. Any help would be appreciated. Oh, as for the song, I can remember the tune to it but not any of the lyrics. Possibly the word "happiness" at some point. Also perhaps the phrase "my mind". Other than that I have no idea. if you have an instrument play C C C C A A G G E G A. the a is below the c and the g is below the a. play with the rhythem e e e e q q q e e e e. E is eighth note and q is quarter note. That is the chorus. again any help would be appreciated.
Kid Cudi feat. MGMT & Ratatat - Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix)

Was featured in a Sobe commercial, maybe two years ago? Let me know.