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So, there's a song being played when the three of them talk about how they have to huddle together in order to stay warm. You hear a guy, sounds almost like a Boyz II Men song or something, where he says "But my body's telling me yes."

Anyone have an idea as to what the song is called? Thanks
does anyone know the song on the trailer for the movie without a paddle?
no, not that song.... somebody else was looking for it though and was told that it was a track by r kelly. i'm interested in any of the other songs used in the trailers, except that one!!!
one of the songs used on the without a paddle commercial is "hey driver" by "Lucky Boys Confusion"
Is that the song playing when he's picked up by the bear? All I can hear is 'uh huh, uh huhna, yeah yeah' - stupid as those lyrics sound I must find this damn song! It's probably something really popular that everyone has heard but me... :(
Have you ever done a search for a song using the words 'yeah' and 'uh huh'? :blink: Pretty close to infinite choices, and that's only if that's the song's title...
Originally posted by sebulbadt96@Aug 5 2004, 05:47 PM
"hey driver" by "Lucky Boys Confusion"
You can listen to an audio sample of "Hey Driver" here, track 2.

CWR, I don't think that's the song you're looking for. I can't make out the lyrics from the trailer... aside from the "uh-huhs" and what not... But there is something the singer says right after the caveman/burt reynolds says "go out and find... not right now." Just can't understand it...
"Bump & Grind" by R. Kelly (for others who might be confused/interested) is the slow song at the end of the trailer when the guys huddle together.
Hi i'm new to the board, i was curious what was the song when seth green is picked up by the bear, not the lucky boys confusion song or the r kelly song.
im pretty sure I know the song ur talking about ,,, it sounds like one from "death in graceland" a band out of cincinnati thats getting recognition lately
i saw an ad that used just that 'yeah' and 'uh huh' song all the way through!! there were plenty of lyrics, but I couldn't make out ANY of them.....
alright by some stoke of frikkin genious i found out wut song u are all talking about! and ive been lookin for it too! ok the song is called.... break - and its by, gob
hope u enjoy the track!
That's not the song I've been hearing in the ads -- I just watched the song's video here and there's not "uh huh uh huh" in there anywhere... :confused:
okayy i just have one question.. does the song that u r all lookin 4 go like this... sparks fly... i hit the ground running... im in the air and the side of the road... good work never comes ez.. hey travel to the top of the world.. looking over my right shoulder with confidence. and here i come.. westbound.. leave the motor running cuz im on the run... in this crowded world.. ill be high waiting when the last train comes? or somethin like that
cuz thats the only other song i have heard in the trailer.. its a pretty dam good song.. and its... hey driver - lucky boys confusion.... the only other song i have heard in the trailer is... break - gob
i hope this helps and if not illl keep looking
The only songs we've been discussing are: the Lucky Boys song, R. Kelly and the other mystery song (the only recognizable lyrics are "uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh").
Does anyone know the name of that song playing when they are driving next to the river towards the beginning part of the movie? It also plays briefly at the end after they try to remove Seth Green's left ....
I think it is some sort of hip-hop song, but I don't remember any words...