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I remember a trailer for the movie Solaris with George Cloney that had some really good music about half way through. I've been looking for the trailer so I could hear it again but but all the available trailers have a different song in place of the one that once was. Yes there are two other threads about this song, I believe it's called Fragile, by Ded Good Music, but they both point to sources that are incorrect. If anyone knows the song I'm talking about or has found this version of the trailer could you please post the source?

The song I'm thinking of occurs when George C. is startled by his dead wife, it's about a quarter of the way in the trailer, not at the begining. No words, kind of a piano sound as I remember.


I believe the song is in the TV Spot...i have never seen the tv spot or heard the song, so I'm dying to get my hands on it. Link anybody
I have been checking alot of sites. Trying George Clooney fan sites. Soderberg. Sci-Fi

Did you check out the link that I gave you above?

As far as I understand it, you are referring to the TV spot which featured a piece of production music entitled 'Fragile' from DED GOOD MUSIC.

Sadly, most production music is never released to the general public.

However, APM (Associated Production Music), which has one of the largest libraries, does allow non-subscribers to listen to samples of their tracks.

To hear 'Fragile', click on the Advanced Search tab on the left side of the screen, input 'Fragile' in the Search Text box and then check the Track Title box. Hit Search.
Thank you very much Sophist, that first link did it, I was finally able to track down the song. Took only three years, haha. You da man!!!