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Stubborn as I am sometimes, I have given up on the search for a downloadable MP3 song for the Troy and Spider-Man 2 trailer (and yes, I know this site does not condone downloading songs on the Internet, but I pay for my songs!)...

HOWEVER, and I'm sure some of you can help me out with this one here, I have been searching for a COMMON trailer tune to several well-known movies for DAYS now, including A FEW GOOD MEN AND CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER. I believe it was also showcased on the trailer for 13 Days, starring Kevin Costner, but don't hold me to it...It's a great piece for trailers, and starts off slow, then builds up and picks up speed towards the end for the dramatic effect...wow, I sound like the biggest nerd...

PLEASE help me out here! I have heard rumors that it may be called "Come See Paradise?" by Randy Edelman, but I cannot locate this song anywhere. Thanks everyone! :eek:
Yes, a song called "Come See The Paradise" by Randy Edelman was used in the trailers you mentioned, as well as a ton of others. You can find the album here. I think you want "Love Theme." Link goes to audio samples.

PS: The Spider-Man 2 song, you won't find anywhere to purchase. It was done by a production company and has not been released to people outside of the ad industry.
Thank you, "Michelle,"...you know, I feel sorry for you having to respond to all these tons and tons and tons and tooooooons of questions in regards to where to find that Spider-Man 2 trailer song!

Thanks... :p
No prob.

eh, it's my responsibility to post on this forum. I don't really have to respond to the Spider-Man thing... people just won't believe me when I say that the song doesn't exist to download or buy somewhere! :lol: