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Hey guys!

I was watching Wildboyz on MTV, and I heard this really tite song during the skit where Chris and Steve-O had to put a huge condom on the head of a boa constrictor. Any1 know the name of that song?

I just saw that one too. It sounds kinda like bobby mcferrin but with flute and a sweet drum line. For anyone that cares...it was the episode where they go to the amazon. I'd love to find out what it was.
Hmmm, I remember hearing "Watermelon Man" by Herbie Hancock being played on a recent episode. Could that be it?
bam!! that's what it was! watermelon man! i love you guys! thanks!
I really hate to ruin the mood but I may be thinking of a different song...herbie hancock is too jazz-fusion. The song I heard was more jungle-y and bass-y.
Hi there,

Does anyone know the name of the song that was playing in the most recent episode when Steve-O was dressed in a lettuce suit and floating in the manatee pool??

Hmmm, not sure what the song is, but I saw a rerun of that episode today and some of the lyrics I caught, were:

"It seems so real I can see it...It seems so real I can taste it...."

and it was a guy singing
Those lyrics match a song by the Buzzcocks called "Why Can't I Touch It," and can be found on their album "Singles Going Steady." You can hear an audio sample of that song here, Disc 8, track 2.
Hey anybody wonder what that song was on Angel "The Girl In Question"

Yeah I did

Yeah Yeah Me too

Humm sounds like SOMEONE should answer my queery


mmmmm selfless self promotion

or is it shameless

well Im shallow and lonley and bored so thats why I do what I do

good bye

I want to know the name of the song where Steve-o is water skiing with the airboat its like "i'm travelling down the road and i'm flirtng with diasaster" and another one its like "fast cars cheap thrills"
and does anyone know another song that chris was skating too. its like fast cars cheap thrills, nice girls, fine wine something i lost my mind
Oh, I didn't realize you wanted two different songs. I thought that last section of lyrics was from the same one. :blink: duh!

My bad. I'll look around for it later.
Hi there,

i recognized that here are people posting who really know the name of most songs.
So: Does anyone know the song when Steve-O is wrestling with the Sloth Bear???

I like that song , and by the way this is the funniest part of all episodes :)
It's episode 201, to help your searches. MTV doesn't have any music info on their site...

I saw the episode, but don't remember the song... Can you describe it at all? Any lyrics? Male/Female vocals? Genre, etc...
i already found it:

The Misfits - I turned into a Martian

thx anyway guys, and girl :)

but a whole tracklist would be fine anyway!
hi, i'm new around here

does anyone know what's the name of the song that is played during the wildboyz credits???
The theme at the beginning of the show? You can find that answer here. Or do you mean the credits at the end of the show?