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I was watching or actually kind of listening to, a TV commercial around 95-96. It was either a Bank or Insurance, or maybe it was one of the many .com ads

The only thing I remember is that the song (sound bite) sounded a lot like U2, fast tempo, and the part of the song that was played had the lyrics: "woo woo woo woo woo woo" (no breaks) (then either a trumpet or synthesizer kicks in)

not much to go on, but that's all I can think of.

Any help?
I believe the song you are referring to is U2's Bad from their album The Unforgettable Fire.



I wish I could help you.. I'm a shameless U2 mark and I don't know.. mostly since all their songs feature Bono's trademark WOOWOOOOO and you can't remember any of the other lyrics. But I'll trust Compudoc since he seems confident.. perhaps he's seen it.. but if that's not it and you remember any more lyrics, come find me, I'll name that tune. ;)
Thank you so far, but I found an U2 "Bad" mp3, am afraid that 's not the one.

Again, I'm not sure it even was U2, but sure sounded like them.(their sound is so identifiable, and it really sounded like Bono)

Well then (cracking knuckles) let's see what Melissa can do for ya..
You say there's a trumpet part, or a synthesizer? Shall I take that to mean that if it IS a synthesizer, it souds like a trumpet? And it was around 95-96.. Is this a song you recognized as being a single, like something you may have heard on the radio, or was it not a familiar one?
Can you remember ANYthing else at all???
I'll go through my cds and tell ya if I find anything..

Thx for the help.

The trumpet part could very well have been sythesized. The snippet that I heard could very well have been the beginning of the song.(almost sounded like it was blasting you off into the rest of it. (powerful, and fast tempo)("trumpet", was higher pitched)(earth wind and fire-ish, but again, with Bono's sounding woo, woo's.
(the more I keep thinking about it, the woo-woo's start to turn into yeah-yeah's, and back and forth, back and forth....)

Must be time to call nurse Ratchett. J/K

Familiarity?...it certainly could have gotten good air play, but the mere fact that it hit me as hard as it did, makes me think that it didn't. Same thing happens to me when I hear the first few bars of Tantric's Breakdown, or Black Betty -Ram Jam...

Did the above make sense? Kind of makes you perk up and listen to a song more closely.

I believe the song you are looking for might be "Born of Frustration" by the British band James.

I think that is the one.

I found a sound bite of it on Amazon. It was only about 10-15 seconds of the song, so am not completely sure, but again, so far so good. I need to find more of the song to be sure.