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Hi there!

Does anyone know what the song is in the VW Touareg commercial where the couple drives up to take a photo of a mountain view, then drives back down to return the camera to a senior citizen waiting at a tour bus down below? It's so beautiful, and the voice is so familiar...

Not yet ;) But I've only seen it once so far.

I really liked it though so I'll be on it like a drunk date on prom night. :p
Originally posted by givemfitz@Aug 15 2004, 03:21 AM
I really liked it though so I'll be on it like a drunk date on prom night. :p
I saw where nobody knew what the song was to the touareg commercial yet, but does anyone know who I could contact to find it, as far as the VW company? I did a search, but couldn't come up with any good addresses where I could ask. They were all just pushing car sales. Would really, really appreciate it. I gotta have that song! :rolleyes:

I think it sounds little bit like Ben Harper??? somewhere I saw it mentioned that it was Arno Carstens a guy from South Africa, but that was a different commercial...

I wonder who that voice was???
I went to Amazon and listened to the first 30 seconds of Three of Us from Welcome to the Cruel World...it could sound a little bit like it...but unfotunately he is not singing in the first 30 seconds...I do have the cd...in Denmark...and right now I am in Hawaii...does anyone know if that is the one???
Yeahhhh. There doesn't appear to be anywhere to see it. Yet.

I think a lyric search is going to be the way to go on this one if anyone sees it again and can catch a few lyrics. ;) It sure doesn sound like anything that was just made for the ad. :D
Hey guys,

I came across this board because while doing a search for this Toureg commercial song. However, I think I found the answer. After doing a search on some of the lyrics, I believe the song is:

Title: Ariel Ramirez
Artist: Richard Buckner
Album: Since

Somebody might want to double check me, but I'm pretty sure this is the song. It is definitely a beautiful piece of music.
I think you are right, checking it out on a music buying site right now...I do have one cd with Buckner..."Bloomed"...that is a very nice song...(can almost imagine sitting on the porch with a cold...lemonade and hear the crickets singing...)
It is officially Richard Buckner ;-)...if you search for Richard Buckner Ariel Ramirez...his personal Web site comes up in the list saying that this song will be used in a VW commercial (clicking on the link though only takes you to a site with short musicclips on it, and not the info you saw in the search results)

Thanks CMB6s...
No problem! :D Such is the power of TIVO! It's nice to be able to listen to the song again and again until you understand the lyrics and can do a search for them. :rolleyes:
I see...my NBC does not go through very well...so it would be a long time before I heard it again...
For those who haven't yet, you can find the song on Richard Buckner's album here. (Link goes to available audio sample, track 3.)
You guys totally ROCK! I am so psyched to get that song. Will have to check out the rest of the album, too.

I got his album Bloomed, and just listened to it...it holds up the whole way through...
ok i want to know the song that's in the volkswagen touareg car commercial. it's a couple driving through a redwood or sequoia forest and then they stop and take a picture. they drive back and had the camera to an old woman who then jogs over to catch her tourist bus. can someone please tell me who sings this song????

(august 16, 2004)