VW Volkswagen Touareg


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Does anyone know the name of the song they're playing when the lady test drives a touareg and is blinded by the sun while angelic music and vocals play in the background.
Hmmm, unless someone knows a song - I'm thinking it was made for the commercial.
That's what I'm beginning to think. Too bad, it's very catchy.
Go to www.vw.com, click on VW etc, then commercials and the music and composer are listed. The ad is called (unsurprisingly) The Light.
Thank you so much! Looks like it was made just for the commercial though.
Recently saw this ad... a woman test-driving a volkswagen, possibly an SUV. Sales guy was making his pitch, when he notices the woman is zoned out with the sun reflecting off a truck in front into her eyes. He flips the sun visor down, and some choral music starts; just wondering if this is an actual song (i seem to remember hearing it elsewhere)
This has been answered.It's for the Touareg and VW give the details on their website.