Volvo XC90


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it's been driving me crazy, I've checked google daily for new information, and I haven't found any. Yesterday I'm almost positive I heard the song playing in a clothing store.
It almost sounds like electronic infused classical... any ideas?
well, there's really not much to it that I can remember... there's really just the song until the very end, then they say the name of the car and all that. I believe they just show the car driving.
and yes, it's a US ad.
You haven't given us much to go on!

Are you sure it's for the XC90?

I can't find any new commercials since the 'Rocket' one shown during the Superbowl.
i've heard this song too and wondered what it was. it's like someone said earlier, it's like electronic classical, almost like an anthem. i've seen it in the US for the volvo V60 model. i don't know if there are lyrics or if it's instrumental. i plan to contact volvo us public relations to find out if i don't see it here.
ok sorry. the song IS definitely Glorious by Andreas Johnson. Not sure where one would find the instrumental version you are looking for