New Nissan Commercial Song?


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I've been hearing this song on a nissan commercial thats been playing daily. Everytime it comes on, i always miss the car name. The song is like just a bass guitar playing, and its a Nissan Car commercial, any idea on what song it is? This has been driving me crazy... It *might* be the Nissan Altima, but i just can't be sure. Thanks in advance
Check these out (all links go to music samples available at Amazon):

"Buena" by Morphine.

"Last Good Day of the Year" by Cousteau

Do either of those ring a bell -- they were featured in Nissan ads recently that kind of match the bass guitar description (Morphine more than the other one). If not, then do you recall anything else about the ad (what's happening in it) or if there were any vocals in addition to the bass?
I search the forum before, and i downloaded "Buena" by Morphine. And that wasn't it, so i guess i'll try the other song you suggested, thanks a lot. I'll try to post again with some more detail about the commercial if that song isn't it either. Thanks again. I think it *might* have sounded kinda like the theme song to snatch, Diamond. But without the symbols ect. I think it was just a bass playing.