Nissan Altima


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It's a new nissan Altima first I thought it was the Breeders but I'm not really sure. It starts off with a catchy bass part and the vocals come in. The car in the commercial is black...

That's all I remember, anyone know what it is?
I don't know if it's the same commercial, but the one that's been driving me crazy (and it does sound like the Breeders, but I'm sure it isn't....hmmm, maybe Belly)
it's a red Altima...I forget now what's going on, but the song is light and breezy, it's been running at least since Nov or's a female vocal with some "da da dee da da da deee" and ends with something like "where do we go, where do we go from here"....on the one hand I curse Nisson to the fiery pits for having so many commercials with cool songs....but if not for Nisson I never would have been introduced to Modest Mouse. Anyhow, I hope that's enough info for someone to help po' pityful me... :unsure:
yeah, i think ur description matches the us
Believe the song is "Where do we go" by Tracy Spuehler. You can find it on the album "Six Three One."

Sorry, can't find an audio clip, but I read on good authority that this is the correct song.