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Hi.. I'm looking for a song that's played in a Volvo commercial. I don't remember much of the lyrics so I haven't really been able to do a lyrics search. The fact that it's French or something doesn't help much, either... :lol: Anyway it's a female singer.

I saw it on Danish TV. Don't remember what car they're selling, but I do remember what happens in the ad. Two are girls sitting in the car, one leaves for a minute to get something. Meanwhile the other spots a handsome guy across the road waiting for the bus. Her girlfriend returns to the car, bus arrives and picks up the guy, and off they go. There's also a follow-up commercial where the same girls are now fighting over which radio channel to hear. One of 'em yells, "How old are you?!" towards the end. :p

Any ideas..? :rolleyes:
Thanks to those video clips of yours I was able to get enough of the lyrics to do a search! B) The track is called 'Lou' and is performed by 'Coralie Clément'. You'll find it on her 2001 album, "Salle des pas perdus".

What is the song that is heard in the Volvo V50 commercials. The commercial is the one when it's a girl who reads the same book as a guy. I think she likes him a bit.

The song is on french and is really calm, and I love it. Do someone now what it's called?