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Does anyone know the song that is in the new Volvo XC90 commercial. it ends with a shot of the whole volvo lineup and it starts with rain falling on a lot filled with smashed up cars, washing away the damage. i think its a safety commercial but i cant remember.
Yeah, I'd like to know as well. Just saw the commercial on Monday night football. The song almost sounds kind of folksy. Very good.
i just saw this commercial for the s40 volvo during hte monday night football game and the song it sounded like bob dylan was singing it...and i wanted to find out the name of hte song, so for those who answered this earlier and might have seen it tonight was it the same song or different then reef
It was different than Reef - just checked. It sounded very folsky and you're right, kind of Bob Dylan-ish. Would love to know the title.
yeah to me it sounds like bob dylan in the times they are a changin'....just the way the singer sounded and the beat of the music...hopefully someone knows what it is
And at the end, it was advertising the Volvo 2006 line - and it's not the song by Reef as refered to the other thread. It's a different song all together. As one poster said, it's kind of Bob Dylan-ish.
yeah i just saw that add on MNF and i also saw the ad for the new lexus hybrid and ive heard that song before so someone knows it.. when it comes back on take a listen please
It reminded me first of Dylan's "Chimes Of Freedom" and that's what caught my attention. Google search on the lyrics revealed the song is "Catch The Wind" by Donovan, probably most well-known for "Mellow Yellow".

This is a cool site. Just stumbled upon it.
This song is called "Try and Catch the Wind", and it is performed by either Donovan or Bob Dylan. Sounds like Dylan's guitar, but Donovan's voice. Either way I just downloaded it and it's the song.
It's definitely "Catch the Wind," but it sounds more like Paul Simon. Did he cover this song at some point?
This was answered on another forum, I believe ...

Donovan - "Catch the Wind" - CD: What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid


There you go.
Anyone know it? Kinda sounds like willie nelson. I tink it ends with "chase the wind"
I thought it sounded a little like David Gray & he did have a cd just released this past week, so it could be clever marketing... or I could be completely wrong
the song is definately by bob dylan and the lyrics go something like "try to catch the wind"
The song is "Catch the Wind" written by Donovan. The version I am familiar with was done by the Blues Project. The song has been covered by Flatt & Scruggs, Glen Campbell, Eartha Kitt, drivin' n' cryin', and Sammy Hagar among others. I agree it sounds like Dylan, but it is not. Hope this helps... ;)
thanks! it does sound alot like dylan, my mistake. appreciate it.