Volvo All Wheel Drive



I have seen this volvo commercial about all wheel drive, it has a good beat with no lyrics, anyone know what song this is?

The commercial has several of the Volvo All Wheel Drive vehicles driving through various terrain while the commercial is narrated. I have been looking for this song for awhile with no luck.
Hey, I think I've been looking for this music too. Are you talking about the commercial where there's a bunch of signs that all say "All wheel drive" in different locations? Example: On a green highway road sign
That's the commercial. No one seems to know what it is though.
Do you remember the model of the car?
I know that Volvo recently used two techno songs for their ads:
Chemical Brothers - Loops of fury
Paul Oakenfold - Starry eyed surprise
Hey fellas. I came accross this thread in my searchings for the song i believe u're looking for aswell. Ive seen the commercial numorous times. Its the Volvo commercial featuring the new 2003-2004 Volvos like the V70. I feel inlove with the tune playing. It was an amazing guitar, modern rock. I desperatly wanting this song too.
Volvo has placed this music on another commercial. It features the S80 2.5T.
firstly, no mirage, it's an actual honest to goodness spot! the track is stock music (for those not in the biz, that means music that gets licensed for use in ads, tv shows, movies etc but is generally available to the public). it's also been used in a few volvo radio spots.
If this is the song you're looking for, it's called 2 Days or Die by Atlas Plug. It's the third song on the left hand corner.Hope it helps...
SxMxPx was asking about a different ad.
You are getting it confused with a currently airing spot that has video game footage and an LL Cool J voice over.
The AWD spot (and the S80 spot as well as a few radio spots) all use a piece of stock music.
Is the song you're talking about: "Turin Brakes - Pain Killer"?
Turin Brakes - Pain Killer is a different song, from another commercial. From what I can tell the music for this commercial is currently unavailable.
Allow me to officially confirm my earlier answer as it seems like it wasn't final enough.
Indeed, it is NOT the Turin Breaks song that is in either the All Wheel Drive ad or the S80 ad (nor is it the Atlas Plug tune).
The AWD and S80 spots (and some volvo radio spots) use a piece of stock music composed by Jan Cyrka and Toby Bricheno that is from a music library in the UK (KPM Music Ltd.) that is represented in the US by APM Music.
I don't believe this, I've been looking for this song for almost a year and half, and I finally realize I'm not the only one.

Ok it's the All Wheel Drive Commercial, they're still playing it regularly on the discovery channel in Canada. The commercial features (in order) the Volvo S80, XC90, S60, XC70, S40, V50, all driving in various terrains with all wheel drive signs never far away. Actually a really stupid commercial, however, the song is fantastic. I must have it! I've been looking and looking, I'm also compiling a list of songs it is NOT! I will post it soon, hopefully that will prevent any more wild goose chases.

All right, if someone has figured out what the song is please post it, otherwise let's renew our efforts to determine what the heck it is. A one for all, all for one, kinda push until we can finally lay this dog to rest.

By the way, sorry about the over the top post here, but I just wanna be clear that a failure to determine true identity of this song could lead to the loss of my sanity. My life is in your hands, please help!

Ok here it the list of songs it is definately NOT!

"This Way" by Dilated People
"Pain Killer" by Turin Brakes
"Stary-Eyed Surprise" by Paul Oakenfold
"Lave Dance" by Minutemen
"Loops of Fury" by Chemical Brothers
"On The Painted Dessert" by Boom Boom Satelites
"Snake" by The Audio Bullys
"Finding Beauty" by Craig Armstrong
"Polaris" by Nortec Collective
"Une Very Stylish Fille" by Dimitri from Paris
"Get A Move On" by Mr. Scruff
"Glorious" by Andreas Johnson
"2 Days or Die" by Atlas Plug
"Place Your Hands" by Reef
"Clubbed to Death" by Rob Dougan

Please note these are all songs from Volvo commercials so if you're looking for a Volvo song check this list. Also some of these are just fantastic anyway.

Ok madaecnerwal!

I've looked in to this, you don't make any sense. You say this stock music is available to the public, then why can't I find it. Frankly I'm wondering if you just posted that as a joke. If you're so sure it's stock music, prove it... tell me how to get my hands on it!
Ok I'm hanging my head in shame.

After searching the database for nearly an hour I have found it!

The song is called "Cartel", it is 2min 35sec long, and is track number 5 on a stock album called Trigger Happy II available from KPM Music.

Sorry I didn't believe you madaecnerwal.

And thank you. I get to keep my sanity!
this commercial has been around for a while but its a volvo commercial where volvo shows all of its models on different roads passing signs that say "all wheel drive", the song has no words but i know ive heard it somewhere else before, if someone knows id greatly appricitate it
The music is from a company which sells their music to other professionals -- it is not available for general public consumers (ie: you and me) to purchase the album. It's considered "stock" music, and is only meant to be used in media. Most music you hear in TV commercials, shows, movies are from these types of collections.