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Hey Guys

I was watching the episode where it was about Justin Timberlake and the last song that came on just blew me away !!! It was Trance/Techno song that had this vocal that went "aaaahhhh" lol thats not much but plzzz someone try to get the name

and I also heard it in the beggining of the Cameron Diaz episode ... its soooo good

Thnxx alot in advance :)
VH1 Fabulous Life of Oprah

On the Fabulous Life of Oprah today they had a song playing while they were discussing her airplane. It's instrumental with no vocals and I've heard it on other shows on VH1 as well too usually when describing a party scene or something rather glamourous. It sounds like the beginning of a rather upbeat dance( dance as in dance not techno) song along the lines of kylie minogue.

Any help would be great, thanks

I think the song you're looking for is a sample from Kylie Minogue's "love at first sight". It's been featured in several VH1 shows about celebs.
Alright, it's one of those techno-ish kind songs, with like a loop of violins playing. There's this disco/latin feel to it. It sounds like music that would be playing during a runway model show...if that helps any. I've heard it played several times on VH1's Fabulous Life shows.

It was also playing when Ghost Face Killa was being interveiwed on "The Best of Sucka Free Sundays"

And again it was played on MTVs "Cribs" when Pauly Shore was showing off this black and white painting (or sculpture) in his foyer.

I've also heard it on MTV: true life "double life".

If you can help me out...I will be forever grateful
i think i know what song youre looking for and i'm looking for the SAME ONE!!

it is technoish and latin sounding... they also play it during newlywed's a2z on vh1 on the letter "N" there are few "words" that go something like "bitty bitty bango" and the melody is trumpets that go somethign like du du-du du-du ... duuu duuu duuu.. haha i dunno if that helps any but its a really cool sounding song!

i'm sorry if this isnt the song youre looking for but i think it is! :D
Although Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony" is a cool song...that isn't it.

And Jigga...for all I know, we prolly are looking for the same song. I was never good at visualizing the rhythm or melody of a song.

Bah...this is crazy :blink:
It sounds like jigga612 is describing "Bingo Bango" by Basement Jaxx. I don't think this song has violins in it though.
yep, the song is "Bingo Bango" by Basement Jaxx (as DjFlowerz stated correctly)

It's the best song in the world... :D
That IS a cool song...but not the one I'm looking for. Sorry.

The one I'm looking for has more of a disco feel to it.
Originally posted by djflowerz@Aug 29 2004, 06:31 PM
How about Chillin' by Modjo?
ooh.. love it, but not quite as much as Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
hmmm, neither of those... -_-

The song I'm thinking of has a melody of light, upbeat string instruments playing in the melody...then it goes to cowbells or bongos (i think)

Here's how the strings go, hopefully it's accurate enough to recognize...
da-da dadaDADA, da-DA DA, da-DA DA`DA DA
I found a clip of the song:

Watch the video clip with Pauly Shore, and listen to the first song playing. THAT'S THE SONG I'm looking for.

Please tell me someone knows the info on that song...
There are two songs that the Fabulous Life plays a lot. One of them is "Such Great Heights" by Postal Service. There is another one though that they play. If anyone saw the friends episode, i'm talking about the song played when they showed the pictures of all six. Thanks for any help!!!
no thats not the song........i know EXACTLY whut song he's talking about...i think...i posted a topic for the song too, but no1 knew...it was recently featered in mtv's the Diary of Katie Holmes. they play the song when she is talking about her new york trip....it's techno beats.
VH1's Fabulous Life of...

There is a tune played on a guitar that I've heard numerous times on VH1's Fabulous Life of ... shows.

The sample used is always really short, just a fast guitar sample that goes something like dun dun, dun dun, dun dun, dududududu. The last riff is played faster than the first three.

I'm sure it would help if I had an audio clip of it but I've been unable to find one as of now.

It is played on the "Fabulous life of 'It Girls'" episode around 15 minutes into the program when the host is talking about Jessica Simpson's extravagant birthday parties.

This isn't the technoish song that many have been looking for, as I've checked out Bingo Bango and various other songs people have suggested with no luck.

Any help would be very appreciated, thanks :)

i'm pretty sure you are thinking of the postal service "such great heights". .check it out and let me know
Yeah, I've already checked out that thread Michelle with no luck.

And I downloaded Such Great Heights and The District Sleeps Tonight by Postal Service, good songs, but not the one I'm looking for unfortunately.

Thanks for responding both of you. I'm beginning to think that it may be a tune made just for the show but I'm still holding out hope that it's not.

I've heard it so many times on VH1 and MTV, the most recent was today on VH1's Fabulous Life series. I'll try to hunt down an audio sample...