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Hey y'all!! I'm BACK baby! Quick question: does anyone know why Veronica Mars is on CBS tonight? I know it's been given the proverbial "death sentence", coming back in the fall to go up against Lost, but has there been a new development I don't know about?? Please tell!!
Ummmmm. :unsure: I never watch it. Isn't it a UPN show? Or Fox? Mehhh I'm a big help. But I never watch Lost either. :lol: :lol: So maybe I'll start watching the Hardy Girl in Nov. ;)
Oops, right, that info might help... :duh: It's currently on UPN. It's a GREAT, wonderful, critically acclaimed show, and UPN is killing it. So I was wondering why CBS would be showing reruns. Could it be moving to CBS, where it has a much better chance of making it through Season 2??? Could I BE that lucky? I can't take any more "disaster scenario/ alien invasion/ crime drama" shows!! There are a million. This one is different!!
What night is it on UPN usually? I'm trying to figure out why I don't watch it. :unsure:
It was on Tuesdays at 9. There was a lot else on at the same time, but I can only remember One Tree Hill, hahaha.
Originally posted by MeganJane@Jul 29 2005, 09:23 PM
It was on Tuesdays at 9. There was a lot else on at the same time, but I can only remember One Tree Hill, hahaha.
Also House :wub:
I tivo'd one of them, and watched the other, depending on which looked better for the week. Wow, I have tv issues.... :rolleyes:
Do it! Get tivo! It's so fun. I'm now thinking about getting a 2nd box (they're only $100), b/c it's so easy to record stuff. But I need to start weaning myself off of tv, I literally tape/ watch like 10 shows a night. :blink:
*looks over at the stack of 11 VHS tapes on the VCR* How many hours can you tape?
CC: There's no contract with Tivo. You buy the box, and pay a $13 monthly fee for the service. Mine is automatically deducted from my bank acct (b/c I would lose my mind if I forgot to pay it, and Tivo got turned off, :lol: ).

My tivo box tapes approx. 80 hours (the hours change depending on your record settings. Mine currently is set on "high", which is like the 2nd best, and so it supposedly tapes about 120 hours). Just like the Ipod, you can buy tivos with different memory space. More memory=more $$$.

I have about 10 8-hour VHS tapes I use as backups too, and when there are two or more things on at the same time. These have erasable labels on them, so I can update each time I use them! Fun!
Originally posted by MeganJane@Jul 30 2005, 07:19 PM
Wow, I have tv issues.... :rolleyes:
I used to too. Now I refuse to pay for the crappy ass cable that they have here so I don't need Tivo anymore. :p