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Hey everybody! Long time lurker :ph34r: , first time poster here.

I have been searching for a song from a commercial for some time now. The ad is now playing again and after searching youtube, and the promise healthy heart website, I have had no luck in even finding a video of this commercial. You are my final hope (Obi Wan?).

The commercial is for Promise Activ Supershots. The ad involves people drinking this 'supershot' and cholesterol falling off (not the white nasty residue, but white 3D block letters spelling out CHOLESTEROL). A woman in her kitchen has it fall off of her back, and she picks it up and throws it in the trash. A man walking into a building using a revolving door has it come off and break up in the door. There is even a shot of it falling out of windows of a high rise and a street sweeper sweeping the CHOLESTEROLs up on the sidewalk.

This commercial has this great little Spanish acoustic guitar melody and it is driving me mad that I can't find it. I am guessing that it was made for the commercial, but just in case I come to you for aid. If anyone knows this commercial and could either nudge me in the right direction or out right tell me what song this is I would be eternally grateful.