Van Wilder

Anyway -- bump -- I rewatched most of the material on both discs.

Here's what I know:
· This track plays in each TV spot and trailers
· This track features female vocals
· And since the film was made in mid-2001 and released in Q2 2002, the track was most likely released by some indie label late 2000 - early 2002.

Here's what I don't know:
· The track's title
· The track's performer
· The album that this track's on

It sounds similar to other bands in the film -- Sugarcult, American Hi-Fi, Sum 41 -- power-pop. Only it seems to be sung by a woman. Before you reply, I'm positive it's not the other trailer songs: "Forgot Your Name" by Bird 3, "Show Me" by Mint Royale or "Bouncing Off the Walls." It's different.

It's weird. I know every song in the film, but I've been looking for this track for a couple months now.
Maybe there's some article or something or a list of bands with female vocals on Wikipedia or something. Any info will help.
I've listened to a lot of samples of songs from Tsunami Bomb and LiveOnRelease. Still haven't it.