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Anybody know the music played after the I want my vacation commercial with the guy at the pharmeceutical company. Its played when they start showing video of some Orlando theme park. The Genre is Rock.
the new Universal studios ad song? with frankenstien massaging some ladies foot at the beginnning
Yeah, I totally was looking for the same song. Toward the end of it ...it shows capt. american and other superheroes in a parade. It's definitely an awesome SONG. Please if anyone can help let us know. It is pretty new...and it isnt the Cheap Trick version, that is an older commercial that they did. THANKS
JAY :blink:
It was basically guitar driven, with a cool sound to it. No lyrics. It was killer.
yeah. that is a kewl song. lemme know if ya find it
Can you describe the song? Vocals? Any lyrics? Genre? Can you describe the ad?
at the end it has the parade with captain american and that fat lady in it
Someone said it was surrender by cheap trick. But there is a shorter version of the commercial with a different song. And the song did not sound like Surrender. The commercial stats out with frankenstien rubbing someons feat, then goes to a guy on a coaster, then shoots to a lady flying in the air shooting aliens with duel pistols. and ends with a black lady on a rollercoaster. I see the song everyday and I have listened to surrender by cheap trick it just doesn't match to me. The only lyrics I get from the commercial is a guy saying Yeah, yeah ,yeah in chorus.
I've seen the ad you're describing. It's definitely not Cheap Trick -- that was used in an older ad. I really don't know what this one is, it sounds like generic "stock" rock music to me. :unsure: But, don't take that as the final word.
The advertising agency is David and Goliath in Los Angeles, but I cannot get to the right person. Their web site is dngla.com

Good luck all!
Please post any results! I love that song!