Ugly Betty Season 1

I'm looking for the song that was playing while Alexis was working the runway at the end of this week's show.

Any help would be appreciated!!!!
Does anyone know what song was playing at the end of the episode when Betty is walking away alone from Henry and his girlfriend? The lyrics were something like "what goes around" and it sounded like Justin Timberlake.

Thanks in advance for any help!!!
it kind of goes

"can i get get get to know know know know you better better baby,"

and i think it repeats it a couple times.

if anyone can help, i would LOVE ITT!!
there was also a song, that i think was at the very end...the only lyrics i caught were "my salvation lies in your love". i think that played over and over. i watched a lot of tv that night (sadly) so i am hoping it was durng this show that i heard this....sorry if i'm mistaken!
Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone caught Ugly Betty (the new episode)...I really need to know the names of two songs.

One was used when Betty and Christina were strutting out of Mode (heading to the party at Prague)

The other was used in the club Prague (I'm pretty sure it was some kind of remix of Grace Kelly by Mika).

Thanks...if you know a place in general to find songs used in Ugly Betty (or all tv....) that would be amazing too!
just wondering if anyone knew the song that was playing while christina and betty were trying on different outfits. it sounded kind of like missy elliott.

Does anyone know the song that was playing the background when Alexis went to visit that Brazillian photographer? It was playing when he opened the door for her and she said she had a really bad day. Anyways, it was sort of jazzy. Couldn't hear if there was any lyrics.
Does anybody know the name of the last song on Ugly Betty? It was when Daniel took the pills. It said something about adventurous boy, adventurous girl....

TIA for any help!!
I don't actually watch the show, but I happen to be flipping through it when these two guys were fighting on a log like in American Gladiators; and there was this awesome operactic piece being played while Betty was imagining the duel for real. Do anyone know what it was? Does anyone even know what I'm talking about?