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i need to know the name of the song for the navy accellerate your life commercial
Do you mean Godsmack "Awake"? That's the only song I ever hear for the Navy..
Does anybody know who does the song that's been featured in the commercial for the naval reserve for a few years now? When it starts off all you hear are a few beats of drums and then it breaks into the song. It almost sounds like it could be Disturbed. If you know what i'm talking about please help, I have to find this song!
Its kinda old, maybe 2002 commercial for the army or navy, its a rock song without lyrics (as far as the commercial goes), anyone know? :eek:
Since I'm not sure which particular commercial you are referring to, this is kind of a guess. One of the military branches had a commercial that featured the Godsmack tune "I Stand Alone" but no lyrics were heard during the portion they sampled. See if that might be the song you're looking for.
No, not it, but the song im looking for is really similar to that one... like, literally, its like one guitar note off....
i dont know how to get more specific.....