U.S. Navy SEALs

kick ass song. let me know who it is by also if you happen to find out before it is posted here on adtunes. also that brings back some memories. believe it or not before a mission we all used to lsiten to a kick ass song to get us even more fired up to kick some ass.
i was not a seal. i was involved in anti terrorism (special weapons). hand to hand combat, i guess you could say that i liked to reach and touch someone. :lol: :lol: :lol:
awsome :D ...I am trying to find the song right now! B)
It sounds like amon tobin but I am probably wrong...just stating an opinon.
Good question...we know it's rock but who...someone please!
i agree, someone please help us with this question. i need some moore workout music and i would love to add that song to my list (once we find out the name or the group)
try to figure out what he says at about 11 seconds in...it sounds like "take cover"
it almost sounds like Godsmack type of Rock but I don't know.
i will do some downloads of GodSmack and now that you mention it GodSmack did do the last Navy music commercial.
sorry 2 bring this back from the grave and all but i was curious if the identity of the song was ever discovered...
no, i already checked (but that's a good song though) between godsmack and the song in the clip, so can any1 help me out??? rock fans even (lol)???