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    U.S. Navy

    I'm looking for the music in the US Navy Commercial here: I can't find it. Hope someone can help...GREAT song! Thanks
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    U.S. Navy SEALs

    Hey, I was wondering if anybody knew who did the music in a Navy SEAL commercial that I have seen once on tv but it is also in the SOCOM 3 game in extra videos. the commercial
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    U.S. Navy

    I saw a new "Navy - Accelerate your Life commercial". During the commercial the actor who's name escapes me voices "Right now some poor guy is buying a minivan". The soundrack to the was suprisingly different from their norm. A portion of this music can be heard on their website
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    U.S. Navy Reserves

    i need to know the name of the song for the navy accellerate your life commercial