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Has anyone seen that new commercial for old navy with Fran Drescher in it? It has a really cool song playing...its something along the lines of "standing on the corner watching all the boys go by" Does anyone know the actual title of this song? Or even any of the other old navy commercial songs they're all pretty tight! B) :wub:
All I know is that this is a cover of an oldie by Frank Loesser. The lyrics were originally "standing on the corner watching all the girls go by" I'm not sure who covered it, but michelle turned me on to this site where you can find a whole bunch of info on song covers. Hope this helps!
Hey thanks for the help...checked the site but still couldn't find the cover artist. If anyone knows please share. :D
Lost of versions over the years, yet, original hit recording was by The Four Lads. "Standing On the Corner," #3 on the Pop chart from 1956 on Columbia Records (now Sony). You can get it on a number of CDs. The commercial version was recorded specifically for that use.